Honorary Assistants' Day at humedica: for our honorary assistants

by Sven Ramones,  2011/04/22

Bright sunshine welcomed all the guests who came to Kaufbeuren on this afternoon in spring. Last Monday, humedica welcomed more than 90 honorary assistants and employees, as well as a famous guest of honour to the annual meeting of honorary assistants at the headquarters.

For many years, a total number of 170 honorary assistants have formed one of the essential pillars of the work of humedica. Indispensable helping hands have supported us in any fields of activity regarding the implementation and organisation of the humanitarian aid we send all over the world from Kaufbeuren.

More than 90 honorary humedica assistants met on the occasion of the Honorary Assistants' Day in Kaufbeuren. Photo: humedica/Sven Ramones

Be it telephone services, distribution campaigns, work in the field of transport and set-up, be it drivers who take humedica mission teams to the airport or the untiring parcel wrappers of our Christmas campaign "Gift from the Heart": the large number of honorary assistants has long since been indispensable for the work of humedica.

Every year humedica organises an Honorary Assistants' Day in order to express our thanks for their loyalty and their indispensable work. And also this year the spacious humedica warehouse was turned into a banquet hall decorated in bright red.

After an official reception by humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß and Head of Fundraising Joachim Panhans, also the evening's guest of honour, TV judge Alexander Hold, held a short speech and expressed his appreciation for the commitment shown by the honorary assistants of humedica.

Since 1995, Hold has been supporting the work of humedica by means of financial donations or as project patron of the humedica children's village in Brazil.

Hence, he was delighted to accept the invitation to this year's festivities for the honorary assistants of humedica, and he also was pleased to pose for the one or other photo with his fans.

The guest of honour, TV judge Alexander Hold, expressed his appreciation to the honorary humedica assistants. Photo: humedica/Sven Ramones

Of course, humedica would always like to give our honorary assistants the opportunity of informing themselves about current activities and projects in the fields of emergency and relief aid, as well as in the field of long-term commitments.

Therefore, the festivities' guests could seize this opportunity for being provided with an oversight about the current work of humedica in different project countries directly by the employees working at the headquarters.

Highly interested, the audience listened to the presentation of numerous projects and programmes in Haiti, Japan or Brazil. From the faces of many honorary assistants, we could clearly read their honest pleasure to be part of the help humedica is offering in so many regions of the world.

The contagious cheerfulness of those present then led us to the casual part of the evening.

The cheerful atmosphere that prevailed among the honorary assistants this evening once more confirmed the sense of community that has so often been praised. The sense of belonging to a "large family" of humedica employees and friends.

There also was plenty of delicious food and drink for all guests. During the common meal, full-time and honorary employees had plenty of opportunity of exchanging the experiences they had gained during their often many years of work for humedica.

For many years, people have committed themselves to support the work of humedica on an honorary basis. Photo: humedica/Sven Ramones

The concluding item on the agenda was met with particularly strong interest. Many a guest was amazed by a summary of the latest "Gift from the Heart" Christmas gift campaign which revealed that an impressive number of 63,000 presents had been distributed among children in twelve receiving countries.

This result, in turn, has only been possible thanks to the work of many of those present, who had spent countless hours with sorting and dispatching the parcels in the time before Christmas.

At this point the humedica team would once more like to thank all the honorary assistants and employees for their untiring work for humedica.

We would also like to thank all those present for following our invitation to this nice evening we spent together.

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