Touching reunion after three years

by Roswitha Märkle/RBU,  2011/10/19

Many experiences in our lives are very special moments that leave behind their traces and remain in our memories for a long time. That can be moments linked to the current situation. But that can also be moments in which we relive many old memories that tell a story that goes far beyond one single moment. The story behind the picture - this time from Haiti.

"Some of those involved with humedica know Maude personally, others may know her from diverse entries in our online diaries. When our team got to know the friendly and incredibly brave young woman with her husband and her two-year old son during my first mission in Haiti in November 2008, she was in a pitiful condition.

In February 2008, Maude was hit by a lorry and was seriously injured. Both her legs were broken and she had already gone through an ordeal of eight months. However, she was lucky under the circumstances, because she got to know humedica, and we enabled her to have several surgeries, and to pay for medications and therapies.

We continued the work of our preceding medical team and implemented the regular treatment of several infected wounds and a substantial decubitus (Editor's note: decubitus is the term used to describe a sore, open part of skin due to lying in bed over a long time).

During another mission after the earthquake in 2010, the entire humedica team was fully occupied. In face of so much acute misery, I had - to be honest – no time to think of Maude. But during my current and third mission in St. Marc, Haiti, in September, I was able to visit Maude's village.

When she saw me coming, she smiled happily, came towards me cheerfully, hugged me and named all the five members of the former humedica team. Then she proudly showed me her son, who in the meantime was five years old. Soon, we were surrounded by all the inhabitants of the village.

Maude showed me her many large, but well-healed scars and told me about her seven surgeries. Using a single crutch, she moved remarkably fast and accompanied me to the road, in order to great those waiting in the car. To see Maude walking again touched me deeply and made me incredibly happy."

For the experienced humedica mission team member Roswitha Märkle, this reunion with her patient Maude was a very touching moment. Photo: humedica

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