Approaching inauguration of the prosthetics and orthotics workshop

by Verena Göttlich, Ruth Bücker,  2011/09/10

Only a few weeks before the inauguration ceremony of the prosthetics and orthotics workshop in Port-au-Prince on September 22, 2010, a donation enabled us to buy the last necessary machines which have already been installed at the workshop. The humedica project will start soon with the official inauguration ceremony.

The building has been repaired and provided with all necessary equipment. The imminent inauguration ceremony will mark the official beginning of the project. Photo: humedica

Since January 15, 2010, medical teams of humedica have been active at different places in Haiti. First medical care in particularly comprised the treatment of multiple comminuted fractures, contusions and in many cases the humedica doctors also had to amputate limbs. A majority of these patients have been taking part in additional intensive physiotherapeutic measures since the beginning of March 2010.

In order to support above all disabled persons in Haiti, humedica established a prosthetics and orthotics workshop in Port-au-Prince during the past few months, where such devices will be manufactured and fixed.

The establishment will be made up of two units. One fixed unit, where orthotics and prosthetics will be manufactured and fixed for the "Hospital of Hope" (Hôpital Espoir). And a mobile unit. This "mobile workshop" will allow us to visit and take care of patients living in remote regions.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Don Bosco University in El Salvador and in cooperation with the Haitian Department of Health and USAID, humedica will ensure that these professionals will receive an appropriate training and graduation and that they will have realistic future perspectives in their home country after finishing their studies.

A donation we have received lately, enabled us to buy the last necessary machines for completing the workshop. With the 4,330 euros that were donated by Förderverein Rettungsdienst Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis e.V., we could buy a so-called vacuum system and a box column drill.

A vacuum system is used to manufacture the thermo material and ideal casting moulds for the prosthetics and orthotics production.

A box column drill - like a conventional drill - can be used for working with various different materials, for example wood, metal or plastic. Different materials can be worked by simply mounting the respective boring heads e.g. for wood or metal. Such a box column drill is ideal for manufacturing prosthetics and orthotics and - like the vacuum system - it has already been set up at our workshop.

Only thanks to your help, dear friends and sponsors, could we refurbish the workshop facilities, which adjoin the "Hospital of Hope", and equip the rooms with all necessary machines, material and devices. Thanks to your donations this amazing project will provide better future perspectives to numerous people in Haiti. Thank you very much!

Since the beginning of March 2010 patients with amputated limbs have been offered physiotherapeutic support. The inauguration of the prosthetics and orthotics workshop is approaching. Photo: humedica/Thomas Grabka

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