Pupils of the senior year 2011 collect donations for charity purposes

by Stefanie Huisgen,  2011/11/10

This year's senior class of the grammar school Allgäu-Gymnasium Kempten collected money by means of various campaigns and donated part of it to humedica. Michael Huber and Max Amling were highly pleased with the sum of 1,136 euros they handed over to humedica employee Joachim Panhans.

Max Amling (left) and Michael Huber (right) handed the donations over to humedica employee Joachim Panhans. Photo: humedica

All 126 students of the Q 12 (senior year) of the school year 2010/11 had contributed to the collection campaign for charity purposes. The total sum of donations consisted of several individual sums that the students had collected during two parties, as well as by means of selling home-made cakes, sausages and pizza bread during the school breaks.

"We are very pleased about the commitment of the pupils of the Allgäu-Gymnasium Kempten and we are deeply grateful for their donation", said Joachim Panhans when he received the donations. "What was your motivation to make a donation to humedica?", he asked the pupils.

"We gathered suggestions on facebook and then we had a vote, and the result was that we would like to support a regional institution and an international organisation", explained Michael Huber. "Therefore we donated part of the collected money to the children's hospital Kinderhospiz St. Nikolaus in Bad Grönenbach (between Memmingen and Kempten, Germany). And with the second share of our collections we would like to support relief projects of humedica."

humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all the pupils of the senior year 2011 for their great social commitment! Thanks to your donation we are able to implement long-term projects in places where our help is needed!

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