“I will never forget these two weeks on mission”

by Valeska Fimberger,  2011/08/25

Matthias Gerloff treating a child at the Jijiga refugee camp in Ethiopia. Photo: humedica/Judith Kühl

Who are the ones behind the humedica relief projects? The humedica relief missions are completely dependent on our honorary assistants. One of them is Matthias Gerloff from Ammerbuch. He and about 300 other honorary assistants per year enable humedica to help those in misery.

At the end of July, Matthias returned from Ethiopia, where he had taken part in his first humedica mission. For a period of two weeks, the experienced nurse had supported our medical relief project at the Dolo Ado refugee camp. Matthias offered active help during the humedica mission, but he also received something in return: an "intensive time of learning and gaining experience", he told us himself.

Now he knows the complex logistics accompanying a relief mission, but he has also learned that – if the team sticks together - you can stand up to very difficult conditions in a disaster area. And it is this feeling of community and cooperation with different people that he will remember.

What impressed Matthias most was the work of a local employee. Bashir has been interpreting for various different relief organisations in Ethiopia for several years; among others he also acts as interpreter for humedica.

There is a lot more to his work than only transmitting words from one language into another. He enables people from completely different cultural backgrounds to understand each other, and according to Matthias Gerloff, this is essential for intercultural treatment situations.

The services of Bashir, the interpreter, (in the back, dark shirt) were of immense importance to the team. Photo: humedica/Judith Kühl

And also for Bashir himself, life has not been easy: the interpreter, who speaks several languages and successfully mediates between people and cultures, grew up at a refugee camp. His parents had fled with him from Ethiopia to Somalia at the end of the 70s.

Despite his eventful history, he now dedicates his abilities to helping people who suffer a similar fate by means of supporting projects like the humedica missions.

At this point we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Bashir, Matthias Gerloff and all our other honorary employees.

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