First overview of humedica relief measures

by Ruth Bücker,  2011/08/09

After the humedica team in Kaufbeuren had observed and assessed the situation at the Horn of Africa for a period of several weeks, the first humedica doctor team finally set out for Ethiopia in the middle of July, in order to offer medical aid to refugees in the border region to Somalia and Kenya.

Honorary assistant at work: hospital orderly Matthias Gerloff in Ethiopia. Photo: humedica/Judith Kühl

A second team followed after the departure of the first one and treats children, women and men who are dehydrated and weakened due to the famine in city of Dollo Ado in the south of the country. Our honorary medical teams treat both the direct consequences of undernutrition and secondary illnesses that can be fatal for already weakened persons. Specific plans are being made for the deployment of a third team that will presumably start a few days from now, on August 18, 2011.

Besides the relief aid in form of the deployment of medical teams, we also sent a relief flight to Kenya at the end of July. The cargo plane transported 30 tons of relief goods: tube-feed nourishments for severely undernourished children whose bodies can no longer ingest solid food due to the ongoing famine. By tube-feeding them we are trying to step by step accustom these children to solid food once more.

Baby formulas for infants who are still healthy enough to eat solid food. And (follow-up) milk powder, drugs and infusions. These first relief goods were distributed in Wajir and Dadaab, regions which are close to the border to Somalia and severely affected by drought and famine.

These first distributions were coordinated by humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß and during his stay he also assessed the quantity of relief goods needed and the possibilities of implementing further relief measures, which are already being planned at the humedica headquarters in the Allgäu region.

Furthermore, contact has also been established to local partner organisations in Djibouti, Somalia and Eritrea, countries that are also severely affected by drought and famine. We are currently consulting with our local partners regarding the specific form of relief measures that could be implemented in these countries. They will by all means contain relief goods shipments, and maybe also further medical missions.

The first four weeks of implemented relief measures are only the first steps on a very long way. Thank you for your support. Photo: humedica/Florian Klinner

The people at the Horn of Africa will continue needing our help for a long time still.
All the attention and sympathy from Germany make these first steps on a long way easier.

A way lined with confidence, trust, hope and relief measures that will lead to the aim of having saved numerous human lives and of giving those who live in misery without any fault of their own a perspective for their future. Thank you for accompanying us on this way and for supporting us with your donation.

humedica e.V.
Donation reference “Famine relief Africa
Account 47 47
Bank Code 734 500 00
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You can also support our relief measures in a simple, fast and secure way by means of sending a text message: send DOC to 8 11 90 and make a donation of 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica disaster relief projects.

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