Proceeds of five designer spectacles donated for relief projects in Africa

by Steffen Richter,  2011/09/28

It is the fantastic idea of a person who not only wants to help, but who connects this help to a particular individual achievement: The optician Günther Seelos from Markt Leeder-Fuchstal (between Kaufbeuren and Landsberg am Lech) designed five elegant pairs of glasses and sold them on the internet. Then he donated the proceeds, the substantial amount of 500 euros, to humedica.

Günther Seelos and Joachim Panhans with one of the pairs of glasses designed by the optician. Photo: humedica

The famine disaster at the Horn of Africa has mostly disappeared from the media. Not so, however, from the thoughts of many people. And one of these people is Günther Seelos. He wanted the result of his handicraft to be used in humedica relief projects in Africa by all means.

"We are well off here in Germany and I’m convinced that it is our obligation to help those in misery", said Günther Seelos when handing over his donation to humedica employee Joachim Panhans. "And if this help can be achieved by doing the profession we are trained for, then it’s all the better."

And Günther Seelos is not the only member of his family who commits himself to the work of humedica: This year, his mother will establish a collection point for the Christmas gift campaign "Gift from the Heart" in their shop, and his sister will help to sort the collected packages at the humedica headquarters.

"I’m glad that we receive support by people like the Seelos family", commented Joachim Panhans. "This creative commitment, which is driven by so many ideas and their own initiative, often leaves me speechless with admiration. It's simply wonderful."

On behalf of the countless people in misery who will benefit from this donation, we would like to thank all the members of the Seelos family for their kind support.

By sending out doctor teams and running a health station at the Melkadida refugee camp, humedica commits itself at the Ethiopian-Somali border, and furthermore we are implementing various projects in Kenya and support distribution campaigns organised by the local partner Nehemia in Djibouti.

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