How wells contribute to promoting education

by Susanne Merkel, Ruth Bücker,  2011/01/31

In January 2010 the association Kinderdorf Bethanien e.V. (Children's Village Bethania e.V.) which was co-founded by humedica employee Susanne Merkel handed over its projects and protégés to humedica. Since then, humedica has been organising family sponsorships, a day care centre for children, a school, well building projects, medical care and a blessed Christmas from the organisation's headquarters in Kaufbeuren. Read more in this second part of "Looking back and ahead"

Wells for Ethiopia

Water means life. Water means health. And in Ethiopia, water means so much more. For this reason, Kinderdorf Bethanien e.V. had set itself the objective of counteracting the lack of water by means of building simple pumping systems.

No more long walks to the next water hole, but instead time for playing and learning. Photo: humedica

humedica coordinator and project manager Dietmar Köthnig lives in Ethiopia and together with local communities he builds these wells. The construction of such essential wells has already been started and partially finished in eight villages.

Since the beginning of 2011, Peter Erd has been supporting these projects. Born in the Allgäu, Germany, he was active as development aid worker in Ethiopia already 40 years ago. Four years ago, he planted a school garden together with "our" pupils from Debre Zeyit.

The total costs for building a well amount to about 1,500 euros. This permanent water supply can provide water to 500 to 1000 persons. And furthermore, such a well also means education - if girls no longer have to walk for several hours in order to fetch water from the next water hole, they have enough time for attending school.

Education is the key to future

Thanks to donors from the region around Stuttgart, three schools could be built in different villages over the last few years. For several hundred children this means a substantially shorter way to school. Before, the very long way to school was a reason for many children not to be able to attend, since their bodies were already weakened.

We depend on continuing donations in order to complete and expand existing schools and to provide the often needy children with school uniforms and material. Further wells that have been built close to the schools provide entire villages with clean water, but they will also soon require expensive maintenance works.

Medical missions

The most recent mission of a medical humedica team took place in November 2010. Four doctors from Berlin and Ankum sacrificed their holidays and invested their free time into Charity in Action.

What was offered was basic medical care which often is inaccessible to most people in Ethiopia. Photo: humedica

The German relief doctors Ludwig Spohr, Elke Göhre, Rotraud Lorenz and Mechthild Wortmann were assisted by local nurses and interpreters. In the region of Arsi in Kokossa, patients were treated in particular in remote areas and they furthermore received hygiene training.

In Finincha (Sidamo), where honorary teams of humedica had already been active several times before, a health conference was held at the end of last year with the objective of training health assistants from different villages. Missions of various medical teams in Ethiopia are already being planned also for the next year. You can read more about the exact dates here.

Gift from the Heart 2010

In the framework of the Christmas gift campaign Gift from the Heart, our employees put together 500 packages for children from Mercato, Kazanchis and Debre Zeyit. These packages were handed over during a celebration which was also attended by parents as well as by representatives of authorities and the media.

Dear friends and sponsors of humedica, dear friends of the no longer active association Kinderdorf Bethanien. The relief aid we offer to the people in Ethiopia is essential. Taking over a Family Sponsorship is one of several ways in which we can offer sustainable support together.

Also your donation will contribute to great achievements regarding the future of the people in Ethiopia. Please help us to help. Thank you very much!
      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference „Ethiopia
      Account 47 47
      Banc Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also support us in a fast, simple and secure way by means of sending a text message from your mobile: send the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and contribute to substantial achievements with simple means. You will be charged 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica project work.

Thank you very much! Photo: humedica

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