Earthquake in Japan: humedica team returned - relief measures only interrupted temporarily

by SRI,  2011/03/14

For those in charge at the humedica headquarters the decision to temporarily interrupt the relief mission in the Japanese disaster region has not been easy and it does definitely not mean that the initiated measures will be cancelled completely; the decision was only taken after intensive reflection and consultation with the team in Japan.

Satoshi Machii, Ruth Bücker and Dr Irmgard Harms (from left to right) after their arrival in Munich. The rest of the team had taken a plane to Frankfurt on the Main. Photo: humedica

In face of the large-scale devastation, the assistants did not like the thought of returning, but due to the events at different nuclear power plants, their health was objectively threatened.

"We are not perturbed by the destroyed infrastructure", explained CEO Wolfgang Groß on Monday. "humedica had been committed in Sudan right in the centre of an unsettled civil war region for more than six years, and apart from that our organisation has been offering relief aid after almost every disaster that has happened on this planet during the last ten years."

The reason for the withdrawal of the first mission team is the uncertain situation regarding the severely affected nuclear power plants at the Japanese Pacific coast. "Our teams are excellently trained and they have undergone a thorough preparation for missions in disaster regions at special training camps.

However, the threat posed by escaping radioactivity is unpredictable and we do not want to expose our honorary mission team members to this objective danger", said Groß.

This noon, the humedica team members, who had travelled back home in separate groups, have safely arrived at the airports of Frankfurt and Munich.

Nevertheless, even after this temporary withdrawal, the committed humedica assistants do not put aside their plans for helping the people in Japan. "If we are unable to offer medical emergency aid due to the current uncertainty of the situation, we will cooperate with our local partners and initiate reconstruction projects - as we have done after other missions", explained the humedica CEO

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