Touching encounters in Ditawini

by Margret Müller/RBU,  2011/10/21

The story of the inhabitants of Ditawini, a little village where the humedica team offered medical treatment, touched the honorary relief assistants deeply. Media coordinator Margret Müller tells us about three persons, their families and their fates that are similar in one aspect: the consequences of the storms caused dramatic changes to their already hard lives.

Kati Tuali is 10 years old, daughter of a fisherman and she simply was a normal child who liked to play and helped her mother with the housework. Until one night after the terrible storms she got down with a fever and complained about pain in her ankle.

With her only ten years, young Kati has already gone through too much to be able to play happily. We can only hope and pray that she will recover once more. Photo: humedica/Margret Müller

A phlegmon that is transmitted via the skin caused her leg to swell severely. Since then she has no longer been able to walk. She has become quiet and shy.

Our doctors wanted to send her directly to hospital - but the journey was too long and dangerous. Now we hope that the antibiotics we administered will show effect soon and that Kati will soon be able to play with the other children on the beach once more.

In order to prevent it from destroying his house, Arturo Roque wanted to quickly cut down a tree when one of the typhoons approached. But instead of his house, the tree hit the thumb of the 53-year old man and his finger became severely inflamed.

Since then, Arturo has been unable to work and provide for his family. By means of a little emergency surgery, we could clean the wound. Hopefully, he will soon be able to work again.

Nelly Catamine, 39 years old, is sitting in front of the doctors with slumping shoulders and seems to have lost any energy to live. The past two years have been incredibly hard on her: after an exhausting second pregnancy, she needed a Caesarian delivery.

In order to afford this, her family was forced to sell their farmland and take out a loan. After three months, the baby died of pneumonia. Now the typhoons uncovered the roof of her family's house and destroyed the rest of the plants and hence their last remaining basis of life.

These are the stories of three of the total of 103 persons whom the humedica team treated in the remote village of Ditawini on one single day. Three persons who demonstrate how important it is to help the affected individuals, but who at the same time make us realise how many people still need to be supported - and can be supported. Please help us to do so by means of a targeted donation.

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You can also support us in a secure, fast and simple way by means of sending at text message: Simply send a text message containing the reference DOC to 8 11 90. By doing so, you will make a donation of 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica disaster relief projects.

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