Where otherwise there would be no medical help

by Margret Müller/RBU,  2011/10/20

After their trip to the remote village of Ditawini, the medical team of humedica and Operation Blessing Philippines could already treat 103 patients on their first day. The inhabitants of the village had been affected severely by the consequences of the typhoons "Nesat" and "Nalgae". During the past few years, it occurred only once that the village was visited by a doctor.

Instead of driving over bridges, we had to use cross rivers by car. Smaller vehicles were secured by means of a cable rope that was attached to a larger vehicle. Photo: humedica/Margret Müller

The trip to Ditawini was a little, very wet 4-wheel drive adventure. Almost every bridge had been damaged or even destroyed by at least one of the two typhoons. Therefore, if we wanted to follow the road, we needed to cross rapid streams and the unpaved roads were full of potholes due to all the water that had affected them during the past few weeks.

With every stream we crossed it became more obvious that the poor inhabitants of the village we wanted to visit probably did not have any possibility to leave the place: they were cut off from the outside world.

740 people live in Ditawini. Most of them are farmers and grow rice, coconuts or corn, or they live of fishing. The storms have destroyed all the plants, and hence also this year's crops. Hence, many inhabitants have lost their basis of existence, some of them lack the money to buy food. Now, many families are living on roots, which is the only possibility they have left.

The fishermen suffered a similar fate: their boats were destroyed and need to be fixed, but fixing them would cost 2,000 pesos, which is equivalent to about 35 euros. For the fishermen this is a horrendous price.

Soon, a long queue formed in front of our registration desk and the people waited patiently for being attended by the doctors. We could treat a total of 103 patients, most of whom suffered from respiratory or skin diseases that were also caused by water and the permanent humidity.

Many of them furthermore took advantage of the occasion to talk to a team of ministers, who took care of the emotional burdens of the inhabitants. Within a period of seven years, we are only the second doctor team that has reached the village; the next hospital seems to be as far away as the moon.

The experienced humedica relief assistant Dr. Rashid al Badi had already worked in Pakistan, Haiti and Japan before he offered his help for this current mission in the Philippines, and now he supports people in misery on an honorary basis. Photo: humedica/Margret Müller

We are deeply grateful for the fact that we can be here in Ditawini and offer medical aid to the people who haven't had access to this care for several years. Nevertheless, the people living in this region need far more than that. They lack food, sanitary articles and new possibilities to earn a living. Please help them in their misery.

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