"The wind is no friend of mine"

by Heinz Allgaier, Stefanie Huisgen,  2011/11/28

On May 2nd of this year, Heinz Allgaier set out on a very special tour around the world. His plan is to travel 58,000 kilometres around the entire globe by bicycle in a period of two years. With this "tour of his life" he not only wants to meet a personal challenge, but at the same time he intends to support a humanitarian project in South Africa that has also received repeated support by humedica over the past few years.

At the day care centre in Cape Town children with disabilities are given the loving care they need. Photo: Heinz Allgaier

On his homepage, Heinz publishes regular reports about his physical health, about his current whereabouts and his overall progress. A short time ago, he wrote a personal e-mail to humedica and told us about his experiences:

"Part one of my journey (from Germany to South Africa) has been concluded. The last stage was a visit at the day care centre in Cape Town, which was a very emotional experience. Now the second part of my journey around the world (Pan-American from South to North America) has begun.

I started at the Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires, crossed the Andes and reached Vina del Mar at the Pacific Ocean. However, I made only a short stop there. From Vina del Mar, I cycled on to the southern tip of South America, to Ushuaia, which I have also left behind once more. The speedometer indicates 17,000 kilometres - that is not even a third of the 58,000 kilometres I am planning to travel.

The wind is no friend of mine - it often blows with a force of up to 80 kilometres per hour and it really drains me of strength. At Puerto Natales in the south of Chile I spent one night in the open. But the freezing cold prevented me from sleeping and hence I got on my bike once more at 4 o'clock in the morning.

On my way to Ushuaia I passed through the Chilean town of Valdivia. In Valdivia there is a German school, the "Instituto Alemán", where I held a geography lesson for the students and told them about my experiences in Africa.

Short excursion: Heinz Allgaier teaching geography at a German school in Chile. Photo: Heinz Allgaier

The résumé of my journey so far is a mixed one: I received great support at the hotels in South Africa. At numerous hotels they offered me to spend the night for free, when I told them that I cycled for disabled children in Cape Town.

Unfortunately, donations for the joint relief project of humedica and the Sibongile Day and Night Care Center have not yet been so high as I hoped for. You can make a donation for children with cerebral palsy both on my homepage, as well as on the humedica homepage.

Unfortunately, also my personal financial situation has deteriorated substantially. On the one hand, I unexpectedly had to pay 2,000 euros for having a tooth problem treated. And on the other hand I had expenses for air tickets due to safety reasons.

Now, earlier than I had originally planned, I will have to find a sponsor who is willing to support this extraordinary and so far unprecedented bike tour.

As a conclusion, I would like to give you a short preview of my next stages: During the next four months, my journey will take me through Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. I will keep you up to date on my homepage and publish reports about the impressions of my journey - about strong headwinds, cold nights and the difficult task of maintaining my honour as a cyclist by all means.

Background: Cycling for disabled children in South Africa

humedica supports the Sibongile Day & Night Care Centre in Khayelitsha, a borough of the South African capital of Cape Town, where children suffering from cerebral palsy (a postural and movement disorder that occurs as a consequence of a brain function disorder during or immediately after birth) are taken care of and offered treatment.

His visit to the South African day care centre was a very touching experience for Heinz Allgaier. Photo: Heinz Allgaier

Heinz' objective is to collect one donated euro for every kilometre he travels by bike, and in this way he intends to collect a total sum of 58,000 euros for the day care centre that is supported by humedica.

In many countries in the world disabled children and their families are ostracised - and this also is the case in South Africa. A disability is considered to be a curse that can be passed on when having contact with a disabled person. Therefore, parents hide their disabled children at home or they abandon them in order to prevent being cast out of society.

Our aim is to help children suffering from cerebral palsy and to give them the possibility of living a better life. In order to reach this aim we need your support. Please support Heinz Allgaier and the relief measures of humedica in South Africa by means of a targeted donation. Thank you very much!

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference “Cycle Tour around the World”
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also support the humedica projects by means of sending a text message: send the reference DOC to 8 11 90 and you will make a donation of 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into targeted relief projects.

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