BREAKING NEWS: assault on humedica team in Haiti

by SRI,  2011/01/12

Unfortunately, even one year after the devastating earthquake, thousands of people in Haiti are still threatened in their existence to a degree that causes crime rates to increase further and that poses substantial risks for our relief teams with the mission of helping people in misery. A few hours ago, the humedica mission team has fallen victim to a targeted assault.

The criminal assault took place immediately in front of the inn which serves as accommodation for the humedica employees. Three armed men forced the arriving team members to hand over their cash.

Immediately before the assailants escaped, some shots were already exchanged with the guards of the inn and during their escape the assailants were stopped by a police control and more shots fell; two of the men were killed.

The unharmed, but traumatised humedica employees have temporarily been evacuated to the accommodation of a fellow organisation. “We are deeply disconcerted by the events in Haiti," said humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß on the morning of January 12 at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren. "We need to observe further developments, but right now I am convinced that we will continue our important commitment in the country."

The assault happened just a few hours before the first anniversary of the terrible earthquake. With about 100 honorary medical assistants humedica had at first offered immediate disaster relief, and up to today we are running three construction projects (two schools and a children's home) in the field of reconstruction aid and since the cholera outbreak, medical teams have also been offering help at treatment centres that have been set up in the region of St. Marc.


Due to the difficult situation of our employees in Haiti we would like to ask you not to contact our employees in the country directly. Our press spokesman Steffen Richter will be pleased to answer further questions. Thank you for your understanding.

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