“And still in high spirits”

by Heinz Allgaier/RBU,  2011/08/16

Once around the world for charity purposes: on his bike tour around the world Heinz Allgaier is currently travelling along the eastern coast of Africa. Right now, he is cycling on Tanzanian roads. In his latest report to Kaufbeuren, Heinz tells us about his condition and his experiences.

“I’ve travelled 8,200 kilometres by bike. I’ve crossed 14 countries. And I’m still in high spirits. This is my current situation in Tanzania, south of Kenya. It is probably going to take me about three weeks to travel the planned route by bike through this East African country.

One euro per travelled kilometre for improving the situation of children in Cape Town: please contribute to this aim. Photo: humedica/Heinz Allgaier

After this, my way will lead me through Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia and finally to Cape Town in South Africa. So far, I have met many friendly and polite people on my trip. I have slept in my tent and at inns, stopped at holiday resorts and had some German food and of course I have also tried very tasty local dishes.

During my entire journey I have never found myself in any danger. It is true that I made slight changes to my originally planned route due to safety reasons, but apart from that everything is going - or rather cycling – fine. Even the roads are safe and broad enough for cycling without any problems.

The countries of Africa are very different from each other and so are the people and their living circumstances. I have only indirectly experienced the famine disaster at the Horn of Africa. But what I encountered in every single one of these African countries was immense poverty. The worst situation I remember was in Ethiopia.

It makes me sad that I cannot contribute directly to fighting the famine at the Horn of Africa. But I need to focus my aim, and this is what motivates me. After all, this bike tour is also done for charity purposes.

For each kilometre I travel by bike, I collect one euro for children with cerebral pansy who are accommodated and taken care of at the Sibongile Day & Night Care Centre in the capital of South Africa.

In the framework of this partner project of humedica, children are taken care of who have been repudiated by their parents, since it is common belief that physical or mental disabilities are signs of the children being cursed.

In order to help them I depend on your donations. Please make a contribution. You can also keep track of my bike tour on my homepage. Now, I will drive on in direction of Cape Town.

Yours faithfully, Heinz.”

humedica e.V.
       Donation reference "Bike tour around the world"
       Account 47 225
       Bank Code 734 500 00
       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Heinz Allgaier cycles around the world and is still in high spirits. Photo: humedica

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