There are many ways to help

by Ruth Bücker,  2011/07/04

Running for charity purposes and generating donations by doing sports: while children supported the humedica projects with athletic motivation, the ladies of the Heimatverein Niederdresselndorf in North Rhine-Westphalia thought of another way to help: for a period of three days they baked waffles for Japan.

All the members of the waffles group in the front (from left to right): Marianne Heinz, Dr. Martin Müller, Mayor Evers, Christine Knüpfer, Horst Heinz and Bernd Eckhardt. Photo: private

The waffles group – as the ladies headed by initiator Marianne Heinz call themselves – committed themselves to charity purposes by establishing a sales stand in front of the City-Galerie shopping centre in Siegen. On each of the three days twelve women worked in various shifts baking waffles and making coffee and they sold their two products for one euro each.

The ladies used 75 kilos of flour for baking the waffles and by adding other ingredients and a lot of love they generated a total yield of 2,600 euros which they donated for relief measures in Japan. All of the ingredients for baking were donated.

Already after the devastating tsunami in 2004 the ladies from Siegen had supported humedica relief measures. The group consists of ladies aged between 50 and 70 years who first met at a gymnastics course and also back then they had baked waffles at various events and donated the takings to humedica. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for so much motivation for baking and helping.

Another group consisting of committed elderly ladies from Bonn did not bake waffles, but did crafts for charity purposes. The crafting workshop of the church Mattäikirche Bonn-Duisdorf sold their small and lager works of art at parish festivals.

They collected 500 euros, which were handed over to humedica by one of the committed ladies, Ms Bazille, during a private visit to the Allgäu. This donation will be used for our ongoing relief measures in Namibia, where we are currently implementing distributions of relief goods and blankets to protect the people from the cold of winter that has recently set in.

Dear friends and sponsors, again and again we are deeply impressed by the creativity, motivation and commitment that you, our donors, show to support our cause.Considering them as representatives for all of you, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the ladies of the waffles group and the crafting group, also on behalf of all the beneficiaries.

Ms Bazille (left) of the crafting workshop during her visit at the humedica headquarters, where she handed over the donation to humedica employee Rita Herz. Photo: humedica/Joachim Panhans

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