Happy end to an eventful year

by Nina Skandalaki/RBU,  2011/12/14

More than two years have passed, since our highly appreciated humedica country director for Sudan, Nyabuga Polycarp Onsongo, died during a tragic car accident in Khartoum.

A family that is able to laugh despite hard setbacks: Agnes Onsongo and her two sons Lee and Leo. Photo: humedica

The gap that his death left behind in the lives and hearts of his family cannot be filled by anyone. But thanks to your donations we could at least support his widowed wife Agnes so that she can provide for her two sons Leo and Lee and send them to school.

The current year of 2011 is approaching its end and Agnes, Leo and Lee are looking back onto an eventful year. And a special event caused the small family to grow even closer.

During the school vacations at the beginning of August, and almost on the day of his seventh birthday, Leo became victim of a serious traffic accident, which he survived only by luck. When playing with his friends, he was hit by a racing motorbike and sustained severe injuries to his head and face.

Leo had to stay at hospital for several weeks, his mother and his little brother sat with him day and night. The stay at hospital was a hard time, and it awoke the memories of the fatal car accident of the boys’ father in a brutal way.

Up to this day, Agnes still remembers that Leo asked her day by day, if his father also had had to suffer like he was suffering then. It had been a hard test for the seven-year-old boy, but finally, after almost two months, he had recovered once more; although now he is more thoughtful and grown-up, and it will still take some time for the scars in his face to fade completely.

Once again, Agnes had to suppress her own sorrow and fear, in order to be strong for her children and to meet their worries with hope and optimism. Today, she is grateful for the life her son was given back, and for the fact that her family has overcome this hard time.

After his accident, Leo, who always liked to read and go to school, works even harder. Next year, the two brothers have the opportunity of attending a higher and better school, the “Golden Elite School” in their town Kisumu, and the still pending interview is the only hurdle left.

The new house was built on grounds that Agnes’ deceased husband had bought. A safe place for the family with room for playing and growing up. Photo: humedica

At the beginning of the year, Agnes successfully completed her distance course and was awarded her graduation in social studies. She still works as a primary school teacher for English and religious education and she hopes that now, with Leo having recovered his health, she will find a job at a higher school in order to improve her small family’s income in the long term.

The end of the year is marked by another, luckily happy event. The young family moved into a small house within the same town. They had been working hard for several months, in order to build this house on the grounds Polycarp had bought.

Although they are still lacking some of the basic things, it is still most important to have a roof above their heads. And – to the great joy of the two boys – their own room with their beds is finished. We are grateful for the fact that we were able to achieve this together and give Agnes, Leo and Lee this – probably their best – Christmas gift and we would like to pass on this gratitude to you.

Please continue to help us support Polycarp’s widow and her two sons also in future. Together we can change lives. Thank you very much.

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference “Polycarp’s family
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

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