The Siegerland Golf Club organises charity tournament

by Ruth Bücker,  2011/09/22

The more than 70 participants of the 1st humedica charity tournament organised by the Siegerland Golf Club in Kreuztal were not daunted by the mediocre weather conditions. At the end of a long match day, the committed golfers returned to their club house from the superb 18 hole golf course.

Every single one of them had contributed to the fact that only a short time later the event's initiator, Dr. Astrid Offer, could hand over a cheque of 12,000 euros to the humedica representative, press spokesman Steffen Richter.

Women's football celebrities: besides the German national coach Silvia Neid (2nd from the left) and team manager Doris Fitschen (1st f. t. l.), also the former coach of the women's team, Gero Bisanz, had accepted the invitation of Dr. Astrid Offer (wearing humedica vest). Photo: Susanne Blumberg

Together with Ursula Kaidel, senior secretary and heart and soul of the GC Siegerland, Dr. Astrid Offer had organised a perfect tournament:

The fact that the sun now and then hid behind minor rain clouds could not dampen the exceptionally good mood of the about 70 tournament participants and all the other club members involved.

This was also true for some famous participants of the tournament, like e.g. the current national coach of the German women's football team Silvia Neid, who originally comes from Siegerland and still lives in the region until this day.

"I am impressed and really deeply touched by the commitment Dr. Offer and Ms. Kaidel have shown for the organisation of this tournament", humedica representative Steffen Richter said during his stay in Siegerland.

"Dr. Offer offered her support regarding honorary medical missions and has been trained correspondingly. The fact that, apart from that, she also invests a lot of time and work into organising this tournament and into collecting this amazing amount of donations is admirable."

This is not the first good deed of the doctor from Cologne. Already in January 2011 she was awarded the Jab Anstoetz European Golf Award for her honorary employment with humedica and her anti-drug campaigns.

Dr. Offer used the prize money of 5,000 euros to establish a fund that repays up to 50 percent of the costs incurred to humedica mission team members for their air tickets to the mission countries.

This new high donation sum consists of the tournament entry fee, which was comparably high, of donations and the takings of a tombola. We will report about how this donation will be used over the next few weeks and months.

Also by means of this article, humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks for the great support in particular to Dr. Astrid Offer, Ursula Kaidel and all those involved of the Siegerland Golf Club, not to forget the green keepers whose working day began very early in the morning on this Saturday in late summer of 2011.

Group photo with numerous winners of a beautiful day, at the end of which about 12,000 euros were handed over to humedica. Photo: Susanne Blumberg

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