Zimbabwe: humedica coordinator organises three-day training measure for hospital staff

by Anna Eschweiler/RBU,  2010/03/04

Besides distributing relief goods, drugs and medical equipment, the project in Zimbabwe also includes organising training measures for hospital staff. At the end of January, humedica coordinator Anna Eschweiler organised such a three-day training measure in cooperation with local experts.

The training measure was aimed at employees of the 13 hospitals that have been supported by humedica since 2008 thanks to funds by the German Federal Foreign Office. Two employees of each supported hospital had been invited.

Only two of the invited hospital employees could not take part in the training measure due to the journey being too long. Photo: humedica/Anna Eschweiler

Before the training was carried through, interesting subject matters had been determined by means of surveys conducted among the employees. Focus was set on workshops about the health of mothers and their children, on checking the spread of diseases, possibilities of offering medical care and nursing to out-patients as well as on correct storage of drugs.

The training measure was headed by coordinator Anna Eschweiler. The young pharmacist has already participated in several humedica missions and during the past years she lectured at the nursing school of the pharmacy of the University Hospital of Münster.

She was assisted by two representatives of the state-owned pharmaceutical wholesaler Natpharm, as well as by Elisabeth Chadambuka and Violett Chikanya. The two women are lecturers at the African University and they, too, imparted their knowledge to the participants.

Teamwork, presentations and interactive learning strategies not only provided theoretical knowledge to the participants during these three days. The event also offered them an opportunity of direct exchange (of experiences); a circumstance that was taken advantage of intensively.

The participants were enthusiastic about the training measure and the humedica employees once more realised the immense necessity of such measures. Many of the hospitals' employees lack basic knowledge that could contribute to facilitating their work and to making it safer and economically more efficient.

By means of presentations, the participants were taught new skills in different fields of medicine. Photo: humedica/Hannes Harms

Based on many practical examples taken from every-day life at hospital, the participants were taught new skills in a descriptive way and they were given an idea of the fact that it is often small and simple things that can make a decisive difference for the patients during treatment.

As a conclusion of the three instructive days, each participant was awarded a certificate for their attendance at the training measure. Grateful for the many new skills they had gained, the participants took leave of the humedica coordinators and asked them to be invited to similar training measures also in future.

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After the tree-day training measure, each participant was awarded a certificate of attendance by humedica coordinator Anna Eschweiler. Photo: humedica/Hannes Harms

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