humedica coordinator visits Jairos Jiri

by Karin Uckrow/RBU,  2010/03/03

With 16 institutions at different locations, Jairos Jiri is the largest national organisation for disabled persons in Zimbabwe. Jairos Jiri is a non-governmental organisation and it takes care of about half of the disabled persons living in Zimbabwe at different locations. humedica coordinators Karin Uckrow and Anna Eschweiler visited one of their institutions.

The objective of Jairos Jiri is to support physically disabled or blind persons and hearing-impaired children, women and men. They are offered treatment and they receive support during rehabilitation programmes, or respectively regarding their living situation. In order to offer future perspectives to physically disabled children, the employees of Jairos Jiri run kindergartens, schools and training centres.

Until a few years ago, the institutions were mostly financed by international relief organisations and private donations. However, due to the economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe, financial support has stopped almost completely.

The Children Centre "Mukwapasi" in Rusape

Coordinator Anna Eschweiler has been working for humedica in Zimbabwe for more than three months. Photo: humedica

The Children Centre Mukwapasi, which is run by Jairos Jiri, is located at about a two-hour drive from the capital Harare. The employees working there care for 46 children aged between six and 18. Similar to a boarding school, the children live at the Centre and attend primary or secondary schools run by the nearby mission. During their holidays, they return to their families.

This means that the children attending the Children Centre are provided an accommodation and regular meals during term. Furthermore, the girls and boys are taken care of and they can participate in free-time activities. Vegetables and fruit are grown in the garden owned by the Centre, and thanks to three cows that have been given to the institution as a gift from the German Embassy the children receive a daily ration of fresh milk.

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