Zimbabwe: Aid in troubled country continues – ten clinics receive support

by Anna Eschweiler/SRI,  2010/01/28

humedica has been active in Zimbabwe already since 2008, thanks to the tremendously important support by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. The initial situation was a difficult one: poor economic conditions, a volatile political environment and diseases such as cholera turned the one-time model pupil of the continent into a problem child.

Help is on its way to needy people in Manikaland. Photo: humedica

After the introduction of the US dollar the situation became somewhat less tense, but Zimbabwe is still very much dependent on foreign aid. humedica is therefore continuing its aid for the health centres in the region of Manikaland. In addition to the ten clinics already receiving support via the program, five more have been selected that can soon expect help.

humedica is now involved in 15 clinics in the east of the country and has taken a share of the responsibility of supplying them with medical drugs and medical items. 13 of the clinics are supported by the Foreign Office. Two additional smaller health centres have been included in humedica's supply support program.

A large-scale distribution of drugs by action medeor e. V. (Tönisvorst) took place in December. All hospitals were supplied according to their needs with high-quality drugs. In order to carry this out effectively, an inventory was taken beforehand to determine the size of the clinic, its needs, the kind of drugs required, the current stock and the storage capacities.

This is necessary in order to supply the correct drugs in the correct quantities, to avoid over-supplying and ensure sufficient storage quality.

After completing a tour of all the hospitals, the distribution was planned. For three weeks, humedica staff and local helpers, like drivers and packers, were in the field. Time was short, since all drugs were supposed to reach their destination by Xmas 2009.

There are sometimes several hours drive between one clinic an another, and some are only accessible via dirt or gravel roads. Often, we loaded our trucks already in the early hours of the morning, in order to be able to be back before nightfall. The road conditions being as they are, with unlit traffic and the hazard of people and animals crossing or moving along the roads, driving at night is extremely dangerous.

The aid comprises in particular drugs and medical items. Photo: humedica

Not even minor hitches, like flat tyres, thunderstorms and blocked roads could prevent the team from completing the supply operation before the end of 2009.

The 15 health centres of different religious denominations were very grateful for the supplied drugs. They are unable to perform their daily work without good and safe drugs for the local patients, and it is still extremely difficult to procure them domestically. There is a particular shortage of basic drugs like painkillers and antibiotics, and it is almost impossible to ensure a regular supply of badly needed drugs for chronically ill patients.

There too, humedica was able to help, for instance, with asthma sprays, antidiabetics and prophylactic antibiotics für HIV patients. This is by no means the end of the support for the local population, it will, on the contrary, continue through 2010, in order to contribute to an ongoing improvement of the situation in the country.

At the moment, an equally large-scale distribution of food for the clinics' patients is being prepared and is due to start in a few days. Furthermore, the pharmacies are being furnished with shelves, windows and other necessary items.

This aims at improving the storage in the prevailing tropical conditions and preserving the quality of the drugs. Ultimately it will ensure that the patients receive safe treatment.

humedica would like to ask for your support so that we can continue this important work in Zimbabwe.

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Or through an online donation: Aid for Zimbabwe.

Every form of support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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