Wetzlar helps: A moving evening with many donations

by SRI,  2010/02/01

This Saturday evening in January 2010 will stay in the mind of many visitors of the Kreuzkirche, a church in Wetzlar: Under the auspices of Georg Müller, a member of the humedica executive committee, the humedica forum Hessen had organized a moving charity evening for the aid of the earthquake victims in Haiti.

"Being able to help is a gift of God", said Dr. Ulrich Seemann (right) talking to Georg Müller. Foto: humedica

The programme lasted almost three hours and the approximately 200 visitors did not just listen passively, but were deeply moved by what they saw and heard.

“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears must no prevent you from seeing the stars.“

From the beginning, Dr. Andreas Jahn, the eloquent presenter of the diverting programme, who is the humedica representative for Berlin and is also involved with the „Stiftung für Grundwerte und Völkerverständigung“ (Foundation for Basic Values and International Understanding), struck the right note. Many bible quotations as well as the Mexican proverb quoted by Dr. Jahn, accompanied this special evening at the Kreuzkirche.

Reverend Jörg Süß, the vicar of the church in Middle Hesse, gave a warm welcome to the visitors and was enthusiastic about „having the possibility to contribute to help people in Haiti also in that way“.

The high-ranking political guests of the event expressed their support of the Haiti aid in a no less committed manner. “When Georg Müller calls, I’m coming”, member of the Bundestag (German Parliament) Sybille Pfeiffer said at the beginning of her remarkable address. “As a politician who focuses on development cooperation, I am often confronted with the suffering of human beings, but I think that the situation in Haiti is beyond our imagination.”

An elegiac performance in front of an audience that was deeply moved: Petra Borel and her Ensemble from the capital. Foto: humedica

The patron of the evening that, in spite of a short preparation time, was very well organized, the Lord Mayor of Wetzlar, Wolfram Dette, appealed to the audience: “Now it is the time to show solidarity and I am happy about the fact that in humedica we have found an organization who implements our help very effectively.”

Spellbound, the audience listened to the accounts of two old hands who had returned from Haiti only a few days ago, had seen great suffering there and had helped people while reaching the limits of their own physical and emotional endurance: Dr. Ulrich Seemann and Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Domres had a lot to report and sad pictures to show to the audience.

It was a pleasure to see that the artistic contributions provided a framework that was worthy of the evening. The children’s choir of the free protestant church (FEG) Dahlheim, the choir of the Kreuzkirche, the clown and magician Stefan Lepp (who is at the same time an experienced humedica volunteer) or the great performances by Petra Borel & Ensemble: all contributions suited the mood of the visitors and the special atmosphere of the Kreuzkirche.

We would like to give particular thanks to all visitors for their kind support of our aid efforts in Haiti. Mr. Jürgen Werth, director of the Wetzlar-based Evangeliumsrunkfunk (ERF) (Gospel Broadcasting), handed over a cheque for 20.000 Euros to humedica and is to be named here as a representative. The money had been raised during various ERF programmes.

We also would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Lord Mayor of Wetzlar, Mr. Wolfram Dette, to Reverend Jörg Süß, to the youth group of the CVJM (YMCA) Waldsolm and many other friends and supporters of our work.

Thank you very much also to Georg Müller and our faithful friends from the humedica forum Hesse for their their great organization. May God bless both givers and their gifts abundantly.

Jürgen Werth (middle), director of the Evangeliumsrundfunk (Gospel Broadcasting), handed over a cheque of 20.000 Euros to humedica committee member Georg Müller (left). The money had been raised during various programmes broadcast by the Christian media company. Foto: humedica

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