I am not good at saying goodbye

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/09/12

Saying goodbye has always been one of the things I cannot deal with very well. It is hard on me to say goodbye for an unknown period of time to people I have come to like, spent a good time with, in whose presence I felt good and with whom I achieved something. But now I had to do so once more in my life – I had to say goodbye to two things at once.

Wiebke Discus, Carolin and Raphael Müller before their departure to Pakistan. Furthermore, Dr Rüdiger Lange is a member of this fourth team. Photo: humedica/SRI

The third humedica team which has travelled to Pakistan in order to offer medical care to the flood victims is sitting on packed bags and will soon go back to Germany and Belgium. Back to their families, their friends and their familiar and reassuring surroundings.

“I am really looking forward to going home to my family, my daughter and my friends. But leaving also makes me sad, since the people in Pakistan still need so much help. Being here and helping them for two weeks has been a wonderful experience.”

According to estimates of Dr Philipp Fischer, he and his colleague Prof Dr Gerhard Trabert probably examined and prescribed medications to about 2000 patients who had been left homeless and suffered from diseases due to the flood.

2000 patients who were given medications, had their dressings changed, their wounds cleaned, abscesses cut open and who were cared for by the nurses Cindy Chielens and Irmgard Römpp; with their friendly and caring way, the nurses always made our patients smile. A little joy and happiness amidst the patients’ deep personal sorrows.

With the departure of this team, medical relief projects will be concluded in the region of Charsadda. From now on our new team consisting of two new doctors, a nurse and a medical student will offer medical relief to the flood victims in the surroundings of Sukkur (region of Sindh).

Several authorities and befriended relief organisations have reported to humedica that help was needed even more urgently in the south of the country – if the need for help can be determined in terms of urgency at all. Thanks to the support of the German Federal Foreign Office, we can continue running our mobile hospital in Sukkur.

Together with our local partner of Riverside Slum Children Project, we will visit diverse camps in order to treat the people suffering from diseases or injuries due to the consequences of the disastrous flood. Our help is needed urgently!

I know that saying goodbye is part of our lives and that if you close one door, another door will open somewhere else and lead you on new paths. With mixed feelings I am now on the plane to Sukkur and writing these lines to you.

I am very much looking forward to walking through that new door and help many more people together with the new team consisting of honorary employees from the medical sector. Thank you, dear friends and sponsors, not only for accompanying us up to this point, but for making all this possible in the first place.

Please continue supporting us by means of sending a text message containing the reference DOC to 8 11 90 or by making a donation for the flood victims in Pakistan via our online form or to the account below:
       humedica e.V.
       Donation reference “Flood relief Pakistan”
       Account 47 47
       Bank Code 734 500 00
       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Prof Dr Gerhard Trabert, Irmgard Römpp, Dr Philipp Fischer and Cindy Chielens treated about 2000 patients in a period of two weeks. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

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