The consequences of the flood are no longer only the topic of reports – now they have become reality

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/09/03

Ruth Bücker usually has her office at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren and she is active in the field of public relations. Lately, however, she has travelled to Pakistan in order to take over the tasks of media coordinator Judith Kühl and from now on she will share her Thoughts from Pakistan with you, dear readers.

Welcome and thank you to all international donors – said the welcome sign which was painted on a large piece of canvas and welcomed the passengers at the airport in Peshawar. And hence it included also me, since I have taken on the tasks of a humedica coordinator in Pakistan. I must admit that I was immensely relieved when I read this welcome sign.

During the flight I had thought about how people would welcome me, but soon after my arrival I no longer worried about that. The local employees at the airport were incredibly friendly and welcomed me warmly; they issued the documents I needed as fast as possible, they fetched my bag from the conveyor belt and took my bags and me to the car.

The team consisting of honorary employees treats several hundreds of patients per day – this would not be possible without your donations. Photo: humedica

However, I consider myself to receive this warm welcome and gratitude only on behalf of others, since they are meant for you, dear friends and sponsors of humedica. And at this point I would like to pass on the gratitude of the people in Pakistan to you.

The way people in Pakistan work together already impressed on the first two days of my mission: locals offer us their help and assistance whenever possible. They take care of administrative matters until late at night and they are constantly concerned for our wellbeing.

The humedica doctor team treats up to 300 patients a day. But even on the very first day I spent here in the flood region, I noticed that we give the people something that goes far beyond medical care: we give them hope.

Please continue accompanying us on this path to effective aid also in future. Currently, preparations for the relocation of our team to Sukkur in the south of the country are running high speed. This relocation can be realised thanks to the support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

The flood has reached those regions a little later and the people there are still living unbelievable misery. In order for us to be able to relocate our doctor team as soon as possible, humedica coordinator Simon and I have travelled to Sukkur for another two days. Together, we will organise all the steps necessary for the relocation.

Only when driving through the city did I actually realise that now I was in a flood region which I had heard and read a lot about. But up to now, the impressions I had collected of the disaster had only been created by photos, newspaper articles and other kinds of news. Now, I am surrounded by the disastrous conditions and they have become sad reality; I am living and working amidst the consequences of the flood.

I would like to ask you to continue supporting us by means of sending a text message containing the reference DOC to 8 11 90, or by donating for those people in Pakistan affected by the flood via our online form or to the account below:
       humedica e.V.
       Donation reference “Flood relief Pakistan”
       Account 47 47
       Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Thank you very much and kind regards from Pakistan,

Yours faithfully,

Thank you very much for your support. Photo: humedica/Judith Kühl

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