Help for the flood victims in Pakistan: third team has departed

by SRI,  2010/08/31

Respectfully aware of the challenge, but nevertheless highly motivated, the two nurses Cindy Chielens (Moorslede, Belgium) and Irmgard Römpp (Beuren, Germany), have set out for Pakistan together with the experienced relief doctors Prof Dr Gerhard Trabert (Selzen, Germany) and Dr Philipp Fischer (Bonn, Germany).

Judith Kühl has been reporting from the disaster region for a period of three weeks. Photo: humedica/Simon Gelzenleuchter

Once arrived, for the time being, they will take over the old project location near Peshawar, which had been operated by their predecessors. Soon, however, the four new mission team members will move to the south of the country – to Sukkur which had been affected strongly by the floods.

They will continue offering the urgently needed medical catastrophe aid in this region in cooperation with our partners Kindernothilfe and ARO. Of course we will keep you up to date and provide you with any news on this page. Please visit this page again!

Furthermore, in the course of this week, media coordinator Judith Kühl will return from her exhausting mission in Pakistan. By means of her blog “Thoughts from Pakistan” she has provided information from the disaster region to the people in Germany in a very authentic and above all a direct way for a period of three weeks.

Unfortunately, she has been suffering from fever and other typical symptoms during the last days of her mission. But nevertheless, Judith Kühl’s commitment did never cease even during this difficult time.

On behalf of the humedica team we would like to say: “Thank you very much for everything, dear Judith. We wish you all the best, hope you’ll get well soon and are looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

From September 2 on, the tasks of Judith Kühl in Pakistan will be taken over by Ruth Bücker from the humedica headquarters. She is active in the field of PR and interested media representatives are kindly invited to contact her using her usual contact data.

Assistants in plain clothes: Dr Philipp Fischer, Cindy Chielens, Irmgard Römpp and Prof Dr Gerhard Trabert shortly before their departure to the disaster region. Photo: humedica/SRI

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