Haiti: education is the path to future success

by Klaus Ruhrmann/SRI,  2010/09/23

Highly interested and motivated, eleven nursing apprentices took part in a professional training measure at the “Hospital of Hope”. The measure focussed on hygienic and surgical hand disinfection and the topic of wound management.

Theory and practice in the framework of a targeted training measure. Photo: humedica

The theoretical part was accompanied by the training video “Compliance 5 – Moments of Hand Hygiene, Skin Care and Application Technique”, which was shown in French and interpreted into Creole by my interpreter.

Unfortunately, we were not able to implement a consequent practical training, since there was a lack of specific medical equipment. Therefore we had to improvise in order to reach the aim of the training in another, alternative way; and we succeeded in doing so with a lot of attention and fun.

When implementing the training measure “Sterile Wound Management” we also began with the theoretical part, in order to deepen the skills gained in theory together with our patients afterwards. Hence, after the patient’s relatives had given their approval, the participants of the training had the opportunity of watching our doctor treat a patient with severe burns.

As a conclusion to the training we practiced preparing infusions and injections under sterile conditions. After some really exciting and insightful days I can report highly positive results. Once more we have demonstrated that the path to the future success of the “Hospital of Hope” and its employees can be prepared best by means of targeted training measures.

With kind regards from Haiti

Klaus Ruhrmann

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