The last entry in my Diary from Haiti was written in Germany

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/03/02

The time I spent with the little ones at the childrens’ home „Village of Hope“ was a very happy and funny time. Photo: humedica/Florian Hansmann

I have been back to Germany for three days now and my impressions, experiences and emotions are no longer as immediate as they had been in Haiti. At least in a physical way, I have returned to every-day life here, but it will take somewhat longer for my mind to return home completely.

The experiences I had in Haiti were too diverse for me to return home also in an emotional way after such a short time. The time I spent in Haiti was marked by many different facets and aspects. There were wonderful and exciting moments, very impressive encounters with people of different nationalities, many positive impressions, and I experienced a lot of joy, happiness and wonderful times both within the team and with the locals.

At the same time, the past two weeks had been marked by many depressing, sad, disquieting and partly even frightening moments. And although on the one hand it had been very hard to live through these moments, I am on the other hand grateful for every single one of these moments, since they made clear to me what our support in Haiti meant and since I was furthermore able to learn a lot about myself.

It is still painful for me to think of the deeply traumatized girl Roseline; this picture shows the little girl in the arms of medical student Simone Hartel. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

I am grateful that I was given the occasion of being a small part of the aid which has been provided so far. And seeing that many of the women, men and children who had been affected by the earthquake gained new strength and new hope also encouraged me. They are slowly starting to face their future and to take their life in their own hands once more.

One thing I don’t ever want to forget after the time I spent with the people in Haiti, is the realisation of what good a life I have. I want to think of this fact the next time I could go mad because I have to wait in a queue at the supermarket checkout or because of other such insignificant things.

I would also like to ask you not to forget the severe situation of the Haitians. Please continue supporting our work by means of a donation to the account below or by taking over a family sponsorship in Haiti. Thank you very much!

humedica e.V.
Donation reference “Earthquake Haiti”
Account 47 47
Bank Code 734 500 00
Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Please also donate online. Thank you very much.

I'm really grateful for all kind of experiences even though it wasn't laughing all the time. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

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