TELEGRAM FROM HAITI: first cases of cholera confirmed in Port-au-Prince – humedica team deployed in Drouin

by SRI,  2010/10/24

Once more those affected are the ones who are already struggling to survive day by day. In the meanwhile, the cholera epidemic in Haiti has reached the capital Port-au-Prince; the responsible Ministry has confirmed the appearance of first cases. The humedica team is working in Drouin once more, a town in some distance from the capital, and will soon receive reinforcement.

Infected children in particular need immediate help, such as this girl in Drouin. Photo: humedica

A second mission team will leave Germany in the next few hours. Besides experienced medics, such as Dr Tobias Kees (Tübingen) also the medical students Simon Oeckenpöhler (Cologne), Ferdinand Hofer (Tübingen) and Rashid al Badi (Tübingen) will take part in the mission.

In the meantime, the situation in Haiti has aggravated dramatically: the responsible Ministry has confirmed the appearance of first cases of cholera in the capital Port-au-Prince, the number of victims has outgrown 200, the number of infected persons is increasing overproportionally fast.

In accordance with the Ministry of Health, the humedica mission team will work at the hospital of Drouin also this Sunday, and probably even take over the hospital management. There, the medical assistants were able to offer immediate help to numerous people also over the past two days.

Sadly, about 50 people have also died so far in this region. The health station of Drouin, which is specialised in basic medical treatment, had to withstand the onrush of 800 patients in the last two days, although they dispose of only ten beds.

Dear friends and sponsors, of course we will keep you up to date about further developments in Haiti over the next hours and days. Please visit this page again, or keep track on facebook or twitter.

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Drip infusions can save the lives of cholera patients. Photo: humedica

Our fight against the cholera epidemic in Haiti is supported by the Stiftung des Deutschen Instituts für Katastrophenmedizin (Foundation of the German Institute for Disaster Medicine) in Tübingen. Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation.

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