"I will master the challenges"

by Daniel Vaupel/RBU,  2010/04/14

Daniel Vaupel is a young man from Kassel who should be sitting at his desk in Germany right now, writing his doctoral dissertation - in theory. Actually, he is sitting at a desk in Sudan, from where he is working as a coordinator for humedica.

Local relief organisations will take over the humedica projects in order to continue the relief measures for the people in Sudan. Photo: humedica/Nils Stilke

"humedica has been committed in Darfur for six years now. This is unusual for an organisation that is specialised in immediate disaster relief. But although the situation in Darfur has relaxed recently, the challenges still continue to be highly demanding.

The population of the idyllic small town of Kass, which is located north west of the provincial capital Nyala, has grown from 25,000 to more than 130,000 inhabitants due to the inflow of refugees who had settled in the town mostly during the upheavals in the year 2004.

Since 2008, humedica has been running a permanent hospital there and has been active in the surrounding villages with four mobile hospitals. In this way, we could offer basic medical treatment to about 12,000 patients per month. This is the work I have been entrusted with as project coordinator. However, it is only a temporary position. humedica has decided to leave Sudan by the end of June.

One of the main principles of humedica is sustainability. Therefore, the work in Sudan will be handed over to a partner organisation which is active in the field of medical care. For the town of Kass, the organisation Care International Switzerland has been chosen.

These plans are accompanied by substantial challenges, since the project in Kass alone counts seventy staff members. How can we manage to offer them a future perspective with our new partner? How can we handle the process of handing over the project to a partner who has a lot of experience, however not regarding this project specifically? Will our work be carried on on the same level by the new organisation?

Daniel Vaupel is prepared to meet the challenges of handing over the project. Photo: humedica/Daniel Vaupel

Those are questions we want to solve in a satisfactory way. Our hospital in Kass is a jewel. An employee of UNICEF told me that our hospital was the best one he had seen so far in South Darfur. This success could be achieved thanks to German, international and Sudanese employees.

As our work has been a large success during the past few years, expectations are high - especially on part of the Sudanese. The handover must be successful. That's what I am here for - to master the challenges together with our team. At home, my doctoral dissertation is waiting for me on my desk. But it can wait a little longer. At least until the end of June. It feels good to be active once more as a project manager in Africa.

Yours Daniel Vaupel"

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