German ambassador in Sudan visits humedica project

by Katja Weber,  2010/01/26

It was a very special meeting: The 15 highest ranking representatives of the refugees in the camp 'Al Salam', the sheiks, as they are called, met with the highest representative of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sudan, Ambassador Rainer Eberle, for an exchange of views over a glass of sweet Arabian tea.

In the camp school, the children gave the ambassador a warm welcome with an enthusiastic song. Photo: humedica/Nils Stilke

The ambassador was visiting the projects of the German relief organisations humedica international, Johanniter-Auslandshilfe and Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) last Monday, 25. 01. 2010.

Humedica has been continuously active in the region since 2004. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of domestic refugees have been housed in refugee camps and given medical treatment. In the course of these years, humedica has erected three clinics, a maternity ward and various schools in the region around the provincial capital Nyala as well as a crèche in the camps, operating them together with Sudanese staff.

Besides this, humedica is responsible for coordinating the Al Salam camp. In Kass, 80 km away, humedica is running a clinic as well as an educational project and services the more remote camps with mobile doctors' teams.

The German ambassador in Sudan, Rainer Eberle, was now able to see humedica's work for himself. Together with a humedica delegation, he paid a visit to the camps of Al Salam and Otash. In the camp school, the children gave the ambassador a warm welcome with an enthusiastic song.

'The children's cheerfulness is really infectious', remarked Ambassador Eberle happily, wo went to sit with the children and chat with them in Arabic. 'It is important for me to get firsthand insight into the lives of the people and the work of the German relief organisations here', Ambassador Eberle said.

An exchange of views over a glass of sweet Arabian tea. Photo: humedica/Nils Stilke

Many of the projects that humedica runs in Darfur were financially supported by the Federal Republic of Germany. As representative of the Foreign Office, Ambassador Eberle expressed his thanks for the good and responsible use of these funds. 'The work the humedica team is performing in Southern Darfur is impressive.

The refugees have received the chance to improve their situation under adverse condititions thanks to the medical treatment, education and infrastructure provided by humedica. What I have seen here today shows that the Federal Republic of Germany's investments in this project have more than paid off.'

The sheiks in the Al Salam Camp also appreciate humedica's work. The majority of them have been living in the camp for many years and maintain a good personal relationship with the humedica team – and now also with the German ambassador.

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