Haiti’s most famous musician provides a charity song for free – performance at the humedica Haiti Day

by SRI,  2010/06/07

Cornelia Schütt alias TiCorn is one of Haiti’s most famous musicians. Photo: Ticorn

Her official name – Cornelia Schütt – sounds so much like a German name that whoever comes across it will hardly think of it belonging to Haiti’s most famous musician. TiCorn sounds more like it and this stage name is well known by fans far beyond the borders of the Caribbean island.

TiCorn has been living in Haiti for many years; she loves the country, its people and the country’s rich culture and diverse traditions. Only a few days from today she will perform at the humedica Haiti Day and at the same time she puts a free download at the disposal of all our friends and sponsors.

“We hope that ‘Haiti Rise up’ will contribute to keeping the country close to the people’s hearts, who have already given us a helping hand, and we also hope that we will be able to find a good way into future together,” explains TiCorn on her homepage when talking about her motivation regarding this charity song. The song has not only been distributed for free to radio stations all over Europe, but also to all friends and supporters of Caribbean music.

Together with the percussionist Manfred Würzner, TiCorn will also contribute to the humedica Haiti Day (on Sunday, June 13, 2010 starting at 11 o’clock) by means of her music which can only inadequately be described as Creole Folk Music due to its diversity.

By means of the Haiti Day, humedica wants to achieve the same purpose TiCorn intends to achieve with ‘Haiti Rise up’. The aim is to keep Haiti in the people’s minds and hearts for as long a time as possible. The day will start with a look back during an ecumenical memorial service and will develop into a colourful festival during which people will look ahead full of hope.

Also beyond the borders of Haiti the musician performs at completely booked up concerts: this photo shows her in Miami. Photo: TiCorn

On the one hand the day is to inform about the diverse project work of humedica in Haiti, but on the other hand the guests also are to enjoy the day among like-minded people, there will be games and fun and Caribbean elements such as the music of TiCorn or delicious Caribbean food. Besides his Excellency Jean-Robert Saget, the Ambassador of Haiti who will come from Berlin, several other famous guests, such as humedica sponsor and TV judge Alexander Hold, and representatives of the economy and politics have announced their visit.

This Haiti Day is initiated by humedica and will be embedded into the popular festival Bürgerfest Neugablonz which is organised by the umbrella association of the corresponding borough of Kaufbeuren. Depending on the weather, those organising the event are counting on up to five thousand guests. And our team in particular is looking forward to your visit, dear friends and sponsors.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Haiti Day, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Ruth Bücker, telephone number +49 8341 – 966 148 63 or

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