Rotaract and Rotary support humedica with generous donation: „We would like to thank humedica for the excellent cooperation“

by Sven Ramones,  2010/10/27

Rotary International has made a generous donation in order to support humedica. Representatives of District 1840 of Rotary International and of the Rotary youth programme Rotaract paid a visit to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren to inform about the backgrounds of their donation campaign during which they collected an impressive sum of about 11,000 euros.

The beginnings of the cooperation between humedica and Rotary International already date back five years. In the framework of Interota 2005, the Global Conference of all Rotaract Clubs worldwide, a Global Social Project was initiated with the aim of making an active contribution to supporting needy people living in crisis regions.

CEO Wolfgang Groß (left) informed Rainer Späth, Governor of the Rotary District 1840, about current humedica projects. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

The cooperation of Rotaract and humedica produced for example a mobile and collapsible container house; the house can be transported without difficulties, since it requires only a minimum of space, and it has been developed for the use during emergency missions in crisis areas. The idea is that once the “Rotaract House” is set up, different modules and basic equipment of the house can be used as treatment rooms by medical teams on relief missions.

For implementing the Global Conference, the association Interota 2005 e.V. was founded. This association collects an annual financial contribution among all Rotary and Rotaract Clubs in Germany and hence they generate a profit which is to be used solely for non-profit purposes.

They showed a lot of commitment regarding the cooperation between Rotaract and humedica: Stefan Mittermeier (left) and Christian Gieselmann. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

Rainer Späth, incumbent Governor of District 1840 said that by means of this donation, Rotaract and Rotary would like to thank humedica for their cooperation during the development phase and now would like to support the work of humedica for their part.

Also the humedica team would like to seize this opportunity to express their gratitude for the generous donation. After consultation, these financial means will enable humedica to improve efficiency in the field of transport and logistics. The long-planned purchase of an urgently needed minibus will facilitate the work of our employees and assistants substantially.

They can look back on a history of cooperation between Rotary, Rotaract and humedica (from left): Christian Gieselmann, Kathrin Gieselmann, Stefan Mittermeier, Wolfgang Groß, Constanze Maria Abendroth, Rainer Späth. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

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