Progress in Myanmar: building shell of a children’s home

by Franziska Baur,  2010/02/23

Since summer 2008, when cyclone “Nargis” devastated Myanmar and numerous people lost their lives, were injured or left completely destitute, the population of the country has been living in immense poverty.

As the majority of the inhabitants had lived below the poverty line even before the disaster, the cyclone contributed to impairing the already difficult living conditions of many people in Myanmar.

humedica supported Myanmar immediately after the disaster by means of sending doctor teams and project coordinators to the country. By doing so we were able to offer immediate and direct help to the survivors and to those in misery. When the primary phase of our disaster relief had been concluded after a few weeks, the commitment of humedica in Myanmar shifted to a longer-term mission.

Since then, humedica has primarily offered help to children who have lost their homes and families during the cyclone. The already high number of orphans in Myanmar had soared due to the disaster. In cooperation with local partner organisations, humedica planned the reconstruction of a children’s home in the town of Pyapon in the Irrawaddy-Delta, which had been destroyed by the storm.

Building shell of the children’s home in Pyapon. Photo: humedica/M.W.

For many months a large amount of energy and continuous work has been put into the construction of the children’s home and now these efforts are bearing fruit: obvious progress has been made regarding the reconstruction of the children’s home.

The new two-storey building is to be finished by June, before the beginning of the monsoon. A total of 70 children are to live there and find a new home at the new institution.

Please continue to support this project by means of your donations and contribute to offering a safe home to the orphans of Pyapon as soon as possible.
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Construction of the children’s home in Pyapon. Photo: humedica /M.W.

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