Support at the Hospital of Hope continues

by Maria Heinzelmann/SRA,  2010/08/18

Six months have passed since Haiti was shaken by a devastating earthquake, which caused chaos in the entire country and left the people in misery and sorrow. Even half a year later, many of the both physical and psychological wounds suffered by the people due to this natural disaster, are still not completely healed.

Professional further training at the hospital. Photo: humedica/Maria Heinzelmann

In order to treat at least the physical injuries of those affected, the humedica team and local employees have established a 7-day wound service at the “Hôpital Espoir”, the Hospital of Hope.

Here, they treat injuries which have not healed completely up to now due to the extremely insufficient hygiene conditions that prevailed in the time immediately after the earthquake when the first treatments were administered, and which therefore still demand further care.

Since July we have been in the phase of handing over responsibilities for the Hospital of Hope to local employees. It was above all the commitment and support by humedica which has contributed to the motivation of local employees.

Local staff is particularly interested in continuing intensive medical care, as well as maintaining a high level of skill and knowledge.

At the Hospital of Hope, everyone both in management and in daily care for patients is putting a lot of energy and effort into developing new structures for further treatment of those injured during the earthquake.

The support offered by humedica is still essential at the Hospital of Hope. Photo: humedica/Maria Heinzelmann

Guidelines are compiled in the local language Creole and explained to local employees in the framework of training measures; the refurbished ward for children and newborns is inaugurated once more, and an emergency room set up. Also the hospital’s 24-hours service will receive high-quality basic equipment as soon as the necessary instruments will be delivered during the next week.

Furthermore, humedica teams will continue their commitment regarding the support of local employees at the Hospital of Hope. Besides training measures specialised on the use of instruments, this will also include training regarding hygiene, workflow diagrams, hospital evaluation and quality control.

The hospital management, as well as local employees, accept our support and implement our advice in ever-day operations, showing an admirable degree of open mindedness and creativity. This is also a means of expressing their gratitude towards our team – gratitude we can perceive again and again.

We notice how our help brings hope also to places where else there would be little hope. And hence, the hospital remains the “Hôpital Espoir“, the Hospital of Hope.

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