The work urgently needs to be carried on

by Damaris Schubert/RBU,  2010/04/07

After the immediate injuries of the victims of the earthquake have been treated, the work of the humedica teams is now more and more focussing on basic medical supply and on the provision of rehabilitation measures.

Since the end of February the patients in Haiti have been working on their healing process together with the physiotherapist Damaris Schubert. At the end of April, Damaris Schubert will return to Germany. However, after her departure, rehabilitation measures will still be urgently needed.

By means of crutches, patients do not put too much weight on their legs to early. Photo: humedica/Simone Hartel

“Since we are planning to provide artificial limbs soon, it is really hard for me to leave now. Rehabilitation measures are particularly important at this stage. And also all the other patients, who have had their fixations removed and are now putting more and more weight on their legs, will still need therapeutic measures for a long time”, says Damaris Schubert, the physiotherapist who is currently working in Haiti.

She works with her patients using those comparably simple devices which are at her disposal, her own ideas and a large degree of creativity. “At the moment I have parallel walking bars at my disposal. I even built some of the devices myself, like for example a balance board or boards to imitate the movement of climbing stairs.

Furthermore, there are soft cushions, stretch bands, a ball and a balance. And of course we have also got crutches, walking frames and wheelchairs.”
Damaris Schubert has already been able to make substantial achievements and to give her patients new hope, using only these simple devices.

“Over the last five weeks, I have noticed immense improvements and very positive developments. When I started my work, hardly any of the patients was able to walk. And if so, then only after they had been asked to do so.

In the meantime all of these patients are mobile, and most of them are able to move completely without assistance. At first, the victims of the earthquake could not and did not want to put weight on their legs, now many of them are working on bearing their full weight on the affected limbs. I could even convince the patients of doing their exercises without my instructions.”

humedica urgently needs more physiotherapists for carrying on these important tasks

After the injuries have healed, a lot of workout is needed in order for the muscles to regain their original strength. Photo: humedica

If you are interested in this work and have the necessary skills, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find further details in the document below.

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