People in Haiti in trouble once more: the storms are back

by SRI,  2010/09/28

Almost ten months ago the earth shook in Haiti and more than 220,000 people died, hundreds of thousands were injured and lost their homes. The refugee camps in Port-au-Prince, Leogane or other areas around the epicentre of the earthquake are still accordingly large.

It was above all the people dwelling there who lived through fearful hours at the weekend: the hurricane season has begun, a first tremendous storm swept over the still devastated country.

Also the “Hospital of Hope”, the humedica project location in Port-au-Prince has been affected by the first storm. Photo: humedica

At the refugee camps in Haiti thousands of tents have been swept away by heavy storms over the past few days, numerous people were injured and according to official statements, five persons lost their lives during the storms.

First the terrible earthquake in January, and now the storms are back. Every year, the Caribbean is hit by partly devastating thunderstorms. In 2008, hurricanes destroyed large parts of the crop and thousands of houses. Back then, humedica already supported the people in Haiti by means of sending medical teams and aid shipments to the country.

humedica employee Joachim Panhans, who currently is in Haiti, has confirmed the force of the latest storms in several reports. And also the humedica team at the “Hospital of Hope” has been affected by the forces of nature.

“We had to evacuate the camp in the hospital yard,” reports Country Director Rene Lako. “Fortunately we were able to move all the patients inside the hospital on time.”

It has, in fact, been planned to move all the patients inside the hospital soon, however not that hastily in face of a looming hurricane.

Unfortunately, we must expect further storms over the next few weeks, which will pose a threat to the country and the people who are already living in difficult circumstances. Of course, dear friends and sponsors, we will keep you up to date about developments in general and of our projects via this page and other means.

Thank you for any kind of support.

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