„Von der Zeltplane bis zur Tischdecke – alles muss herhalten.“

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/08/06

With a length of 450 kilometres and its source in the Afghan Sanglakh Range, the river Kabul usually provides the area around the Pakistani city of Peshawar with water. Currently, however, it rather is the source of the devastating flood disaster in the north west of Pakistan.

Tents which are used as emergency shelters are lining up for a stretch of eight kilometres. Photo: humedica/Ferdinand Hofer

Members of the humedica mission team in Pakistan report about the flood victims' disastrous situation. Kilometres of tents are lining up along the highway from Peshawar to Islamabad. Some of those who have been left homeless have set up tents, some have built highly primitive shelters from the rain on the central reserve and by the sides of the busy road.

"This is an unbelievable sight. When we were driving down the highway, for a stretch of eight kilometres all we could see were flood victims in their emergency shelters - to the left, the right and on the central reserve of the six-lane road. Their houses have been destroyed and now everything from canvas to tablecloths stuck on poles is used as shelter," reports Prof Dr Dr Bernd Domres.

"The people in those makeshift accommodations have nothing left apart from some buckets, which we could see in many of the tents. Some of them managed to safe their cows; they are now grazing by the side of the road. But apart from that they are sitting in front of their tents, they have no home and no property, no food, no drinking water, and hope that someone who passes by might stop and help them," continues the relief doctor.

Ferdinand Hofer, coordinator and medical student, also reports about a lack of medical care. Therefore he spent the first few hours after his arrival with compiling packages of necessary drugs in order to put them in the car and start treatment.

Equipped with preparations against diarrhoea, fever and infections, with ointments for the treatment of fungal skin infections and dehydration salts for compensating for electrolyte imbalances, the humedica relief team drives to a region where the provision of medical care is needed particularly urgent according to employees of the partner organisation ARO Pakistan. According to estimates 18,000 flood victims have taken refuge there.

Equipped with drugs and materials needed for treating the patients, the humedica team sets out. Photo: humedica/Ferdinand Hofer

We would like to ask you, dear friends and donors, to support our relief efforts in Pakistan by means of a targeted donation:
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Please also donate online for the victims of the most serious flood disaster in Pakistan in the last 80 years.

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