"The patients accept our help gratefully"

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/08/09

Already after the first day of the humedica team offering treatment, the news seem to have spread in Charsadda that a team of doctors is treating patients at one of the schools which is serving as emergency accommodation and now even as an examination room. The members of the humedica team can offer medical treatment to more than 100 patients per day.

In particular many of the little boys and girls are deeply traumatised - with a lot of understanding and empathy, Prof Dr Dr Bernd Domres gains their trust. Photo: humedica

Most patients' health problems have been caused by the flood and its consequences. The patients who visit the classrooms now serving as examination rooms are suffering from diarrhoea, infected wounds or inflammations. And furthermore, most of the people who come to see the humedica doctor team, have their own personal stories to tell.

So, for example, the father of a young patient reported: "Suddenly, the water entered our house, it sloshed around, carried everything with it and our belongings were washed away. I barely managed to lift my three children and my wife up on the roof and climb after them myself. From the roof we wanted to reach those patches of ground which had not yet been flooded and we simply jumped off our house.

When doing so, I slipped and I fell on my left arm with my whole body weight. I heard something crack and afterwards my left arm was numb and couldn't move my fingers. Later, at the hospital, the doctors told me that I had dislocated my arm and it was put in a cast. Luckily, my family is well!"

While the humedica team is lucky to treat patients in the dry interior of the school building, it is still raining heavily outside. Medical student and coordinator Ferdinand Hofer thoughtfully says: "You can hardly imagine how fast the water is rising, if you haven't seen it for yourself".

"In the morning when we started treatment, we had still arrived at the school dry-shod, but in the afternoon the entire school yard was flooded by 20 centimetres". Many of the children treated by the humedica team are deeply traumatised and they were frightened by the sound of the rain.

Many people's lives have been destroyed, and their future is uncertain. One of the patients told Prof Domres what she had lost while he was treating her. "When the river Djindi rose, we ran through the water which got waist-deep within a short time.

"All the people here are very friendly, polite and attentive and they give us the feeling of being welcome". Photo: humedica/Bernd Domres

We wanted to take refuge on the highway, which was located higher up, but in order to do so we had to climb the barbed wire fence. My husband threw his clothes on the fence, he helped the children and me to climb across, but he himself was dragged away by the water. Now I am a widow; alone with six children. We have nothing left apart from the clothes we were wearing".

During an interview, the renowned relief doctor Prof Dr Bernd Domres reported that the help of the humedica team was accepted gratefully. "All the people here are very friendly, polite and attentive, and they give us the feeling of being welcome". Even those affected by the disaster offer us any help they can and they support us and our work.

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