The first steps into a new life have been taken

by Hanns-Georg Heidecker/RBU,  2010/03/26

Actually, Dr Hanns-Georg Heidecker is a radiologist. Since the middle of February he has been in Haiti in the framework of a humedica mission. However, he is not practising his profession as a doctor, but he is working as medical coordinator. His work is focussed on planning and realising a mobile workshop for prosthetics. In this report he describes what else he does to support the mission.

“After we had driven to several hospitals and asked whether they had a place for the boy to sleep, we finally found an empty bed for him. A US American paediatrician offered an empty bed in his treatment tent, the conditions of which reminded me strongly of a sauna.

Dr Hanns-Georg Heidecker is working as a humedica coordinator, but additionally he contributes to the mission with his medical knowledge. Photo: humedica/Simon Gelzenleuchter

And a very good solution also seemed to have been found for the future of the boy – we had in the meantime come to know that his name was Wilson. Christian Jung, an employee of the charity organisation Kindernothilfe, had been able to organise a permanent accommodation for the autistic boy: Wilson will be living at a children’s home of the German-Haitian organisation Haiti Kinderhilfe.

Although it was not an easy task and took much effort, it is a good feeling to know that we have helped the boy to get that far. It has been a good day and I think that it also has been a good day for Wilson. Hopefully, his life will be better from now on.

On the next day I drove back to the hospital with a large pile of clothes in order to take Wilson to the children’s home. While he was being cleaned, I had the opportunity of examining several children and of contributing with my knowledge of radiology. Then we went to see Marie-Jose Laguarra, the head of the charity organisation Haiti Kinderhilfe. She took Wilson in immediately.

From now on he will have regular meals and a place to sleep. Furthermore he will also experience care and support. When talking to the head of the school on the grounds of which the humedica teams are allowed to stay, I realized how very important such children’s homes are.

He told me that there existed no state support for disabled people in Haiti. Instead, it happened that disabled persons were beaten up now and then. This behaviour was based on the belief of many people that the “curse” which in their opinion caused the disability could be beaten out of a person.

Together with Marie-Jose, head of the children’s home (left), we could find a place to stay for Wilson. Photo: humedica/Hanns-Georg Heidecker

After a few days, the doctors of Haiti Kinderhilfe diagnosed that Wilson partly had autistic tendencies. Nevertheless, the other children immediately included him into their group and played football with him. This makes me happy. It is a very special example of the fact that we can achieve something here.”

By means of helping Wilson, we are helping one individual person. We would like to ask you to support our efforts to help many people more and take them the first steps on a path to a more hopeful future, such as we did for Wilson.
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