Donations are necessary, but by no means a matter of course

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/06/23

Donations are not considered to be a matter of course neither by the donor nor by the receiver. Also at humedica donations in money and in kind are never considered to be a matter of course and therefore, by means of this article, humedica would like to express its special thanks to the association MERING Aktuell e.V. and to the Lions Club Kaufbeuren.

On behalf of Mering Aktuell Uwe Steinbrecher (Steinbrecher Schuh+Sport), Eugen Beck (member of the Management Board of Mering Aktuell) and Verena David (from left to right) handed over the donation to Joachim Panhans of humedica. Photo: humedica

MERING Aktuell e.V. is an association of about 100 companies based in the communal district of Mering in the south of Augsburg. The main objectives the members of the action group pursue are promoting economic growth and making the district an attractive location for citizens and visitors.

Only a few days ago, the members of MERING Aktuell e.V. furthermore proved their social commitment towards those who live in misery through no fault of their own. Deeply moved by the images of suffering people in Haiti and driven by the desire to help them, the association from Mering donated 2,000 Euros to humedica.

When asked why they chose humedica as receiver for their donation, the donors explained that humedica would provide effective and fast aid and that administration costs were low and they were geographically close by.

This admirable social responsibility is matched by the Lions Club Kaufbeuren, which donated 5,000 Euros in order to support the establishment of a mobile prosthetics and orthotics repair shop in Haiti.

A few days ago, Dr Hermann Starnecker, president of the Lions Club, visited the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz together with the future president Ioei Hahn and secretary Ulrich Lübing – and with them they brought the generous donation.

Ioei Hahn, Dr Hermann Starnecker and Ulrich Lübing (from left to right) during their visit at the humedica headquarters. Photo: private

We would like to thank those two donors as representatives of all the individual persons, schools, associations or action groups supporting our work. The humedica projects in Haiti can only be implemented thanks to support in the form of donations and they are indispensable for sustainable and effective help.

Dear friends and sponsors of humedica, please continue supporting our work by means of a targeted donation to the account below or by means of an online donation:
      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference „Earthquake Haiti
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can achieve great things also by means of a short text message and support the work of humedica:
you only need to send DOC to the abbreviated dialling +49 8 11 90 and support us with a one-time donation of 5 Euros, with 4.83 Euros of this amount being directly channelled in to the humedica project work. Thank you very much.

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