Container with urgently needed food supplies on its way to Niger

by Florian Klinner/SRA,  2010/08/26

Only a short time ago, a first humedica relief shipment containing food supplies arrived in the Republic of Niger by plane. The country is affected by one of the gravest famines in its history. Now, humedica has sent a further shipment of food and relief goods to Niger by ship.

21.5 tons of food and donations in kind have been sent on their way to the humedica hospital in Kollo – by ship this trip will last five weeks. The relief shipment is urgently needed in Niger, since the food situation in the country has aggravated critically.

Preparations for dispatching the relief goods. Photo: humedica

The country had already been affected by a disastrous famine in 2005, which had been aggravated by draughts and plagues of locusts. About 3.6 millions of people did not have enough to eat.

According to the World Food Programme of the United Nations, the extent of this year’s famine is expected to surpass even the extreme state of emergency during the famine in 2005. The lives of 7.8 millions of people in Niger – more than half of the population – are threatened by the food scarcity.

Food scarcity and people suffering from hunger are a permanent problem in extremely poor countries such as Niger. As a consequence of a lasting draught in the Sahel Region last autumn, the situation in the country has aggravated severely.

The draught resulted in dramatic crop shortfalls. A large share of livestock died. However, in order to survive, most people in the country depend on agriculture and their livestock.

Those affected worst by the famine are the weakest ones. An uncountable number of children in Niger suffer from undernutrition. Photo: humedica

It is the children in particular who are affected by the extreme draught. The famine causes the number of cases of undernutrition among children to soar. According to the World Food Programme, 16.7 percent of children below the age of five are lacking essential vitamins and nutrients.

The United Nations have determined the threshold value of a disaster to be at 15 percent. In those regions of Niger which are affected worst, the rate of undernourished children amounts to 20 percent.

It is more than obvious how urgently the relief shipments are needed in Niger. Therefore, humedica is sending a container with a total content of 34 pallets to the country.

Our team will use the content of the shipment above all to provide mal- and undernourished children as well as pregnant women with food. Furthermore, the continuous care for the population at the inpatient and outpatient ward of the humedica hospital in Kollo can be granted thanks to this shipment.

Goods that provide relief. Photo: humedica

Please make a donation to fight the famine in Niger via our online form or to the account below:
        humedica e. V.
        Donation reference "Famine Niger"
        Account 47 47
        Bank Code 734 500 00
        Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can contribute a donation of five euros to support the relief measures against the famine in Niger, by means of sending a text message containing the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90. 4.83 euros of this amount will be directly channelled into the humedica projects. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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