First shipment of additional food arrives at humedica hospital

by Karin Wilke/,  2010/07/15

Only a few days ago – and therefore just in time – the nutritionist Karin Wilke arrived at the humedica hospital in Kollo. She is now assisting humedica coordinator Simone Winneg concerning relief measures with the purpose of fighting the ongoing, life-threatening famine in the country.

Simone Winneg is committed to fighting hunger in Niger with all her passion and conviction. Photo: humedica/Karin Wilke

"July 14, 2010, finally was the big day: the first shipment containing additional food arrived at the hospital in Kollo. It will be used to supply children and mothers who are suffering from the ongoing famine and malnutrition.

The total amount of 21 tons of additional food will be distributed to more than 2,500 children aged up to five years, as well as to malnourished mothers. A total number of nine health centres and the humedica hospital in Kollo will benefit from the relief shipment. The nutrition programme is planned to be run for a preliminary phase of six months.

So, this is the kick-off to the humedica nutrition programme! In the capital of Niamey, an uncountable number of boxes containing oil and bags of additional food were carried out of the warehouses of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) and loaded on a truck by numerous assistants. Then they were transported to our warehouses in Kollo.

We actually needed all our strength, working in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and driving a distance of 70 kilometres,” reported coordinator Simone Winneg and Karin Wilke who has recently arrived in Niger. “But thinking of the severely malnourished children who will receive some help thanks to our work, the effort is worth it”.

I am so happy,” is all Simone can say. “Now, finally, we can collect the food and distribute it to the individual health centres after such a long time of preparations and negotiations”. And she sighs contently.

Everyone lends a hand with unloading the food – also Karin Wilke. Photo: humedica/Simone Winneg

The food is urgently needed in order to effectively provide for the soaring number of malnourished people. The additional food contains highly caloric ingredients, such as large shares of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and iron. Mixed with water, the result is a nutritious mash which grants a minimum supply with nutrients,” adds Karin Wilke. Besides the additional food, also oil is distributed.

The distribution of additional food has only been possible thanks to the help of the German Federal Foreign Office. “Without this support we could hardly have achieved anything,” explains Simone Winneg. “We are very grateful for that”.

Together we are strong; this is the motto of current work in Niger. And this first shipment marks the beginning of the broad-scale nutrition programme which will be carried through in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office, the World Food Programme and UNICEF.

Kind regards and greetings from Kollo.

Yours sincerely,

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21 tons of relief goods have arrived and will help to fight the famine – the nutrition programme has started. Photo: humedica/Karin Wilke

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