Back to Germany with mixed feelings

by Sebastian Frank/RBU,  2010/04/13

“I set out on my return journey to Germany in the dead of night of March 13, 2010. While I was sitting at the airport in Niamey, the capital of Niger, I felt that I left one world behind in order to fly to another world.

When I took my leave of the local employees in Kollo, they said goodbye just as friendly and open-minded as they had welcomed me two weeks before. The employees of the hospital asked me to return one day. I think that there is no way of saying thank you more sincerely and friendly than they did by saying these words.

During his short mission Sebastian Frank met old friends and got to know and respect new people. Photo: humedica/Sebastian Frank

After I had spent fourteen days in the hot temperatures of Niger, I never went anywhere without my beloved fleece jacket back in Germany. I had started in Niamey on a day with temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius and arrived in Frankfurt where temperatures were as low as 3 degrees Celsius.

It proved a fortunate coincidence that I had put my jacket into my hand luggage, since my suitcase decided to stay in Africa for one more day when the suitcases were reloaded and I changed plane in Casablanca.

I have been back to Germany from my humedica mission in Niger for more than three weeks now. Despite the limited time we had at our disposal for the mission, we have been able to achieve a lot. The annexe in form of a new hospital wing has been finished and the rooms are ready for occupancy.

At the end of April a container with furniture such as beds, wardrobes and tables will arrive in Kollo. After the arrival of these relief goods, humedica coordinator Simone Winneg will organise the inauguration of the new hospital wing. Even although I am far away in Germany, I am looking forward to the imminent inauguration of this hospital wing full of excitement and anticipation.

Again and again I try to put my emotions and feelings regarding my time in Niger into order. They seem so unreachable and at the same time still so real. They are a contradictory mixture of happiness and sadness, a combination of gratitude and hope.

Happiness, because I am back home in Germany. Sadness, because I am no longer in Niger and gratitude for the fact that I had been given the opportunity to help. Hope for the future of the project and the people at the hospital. I pray that they will be safe and I ask God to bless them and to lead them on their way also in future.

On behalf of the people in Niger who benefit from your support, humedica would like to say THANK YOU! Photo: humedica/Sebastian Frank

Sometimes I feel like some of my thoughts were still back in Africa, unclear and blurred. It will probably take me some time to return to Germany completely.

Kind regards,
Sebastian Frank

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