Preparations for the inauguration of the hospital are running at full speed

by Simone Winneg,  2010/06/18

“Sixteen months have passed since the first outpatients could receive treatment at the humedica hospital in Kollo. This is a long time during which more than 15,000 people asked for and received our help.

The hospital team became larger step by step; German experts arrived and assisted during important training measures and regarding the basic requirements for an effectively operating hospital. Also the equipment improved continuously, and the hospital team is particularly proud of the laboratory and the excellent ultrasound devices.

humedica coordinator Simone Winneg knows what she is talking about when telling that the imminent inauguration of the hospital wing is accompanied by a large amount of paperwork. Photo: humedica

A new cornerstone in the history of the hospital will soon be laid: after having finished the construction of the new hospital wing, which could be realised thanks to the support of ALPENSOLAR HUMAN e.V., the preparations for the inauguration are running at full speed. Job vacancies have been published, interviews held and selection processes run in order to find qualified staff which is equal to the demanding tasks we are facing.

Standards for hygiene and nursing have been set up. Beds, boxes filled with sheets and bed-linen, drugs, consumables and bedside cabinets have been carried and dragged into the rooms in order to equip the new hospital wing adequately.

Now the preparations are gradually coming to an end. It really is overwhelming to realise that the objective we have been working so hard to achieve for such a long time is suddenly approaching. Staff has been recruited, the hospital wing is well-equipped and finished. Plans for the inauguration are ready and shift schedules have been written. Even the date has been fixed: the new hospital wing is to be inaugurated on July 1, 2010, after a preparation week for the new staff.

Beginning of a new era

This new hospital wing marks the beginning of a new era: thanks to the additional rooms and midwifes, deliveries will no longer be an exception, but a regular activity at our hospital. Seriously ill patients will no longer have to be taken to the nearest hospital for stationary treatment, but they will be treated at our hospital under good conditions.

It is the children in particular who need our help in times of crises. Please support our work in this field. Photo: humedia

The new hospital wing will also enable us to gain better control of the acute crisis which is currently threatening Niger: the current famine is responsible for an increasing number of undernourished patients coming to our hospital every day. We are planning to establish a therapeutic nutrition centre (CRENI) in the new wing in order to substantially increase the survival odds of seriously undernourished children.

I would like to thank all our donors, friends and sponsors for their commitment and support of our work in Niger. Please continue supporting us also in these difficult times in which the children in particular are those who depend on your help most urgently.

Kind regards and God’s blessings,
Yours Simone Winneg"

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