„A first step on the path to further ambitious aims”

by Hanna Bellmann/SRA,  2010/09/09

On September 4, 2010, the in-patient ward at the humedica hospital “Hosanna Institute du Sahel” in Kollo was officially inaugurated. The new possibilities created by this expansion mean substantial improvements to the situation of both patients and nursing staff.

While in the past patients could only be treated during the day, we now have the opportunity of caring for them for 24 hours a day and of treating them professionally under appropriate hygienic conditions.

High-ranking representatives of the state of Niger and of the city of Kollo inaugurated the new in-patient ward in the framework of a festive ceremony. Photo: humedica/Hanna Bellmann

Some high-ranking guests were present at the inauguration ceremony, among them the Ambassador, the Mayor of Kollo, friends and supporters of the hospital project, as well as humedica employees, hospital staff and inhabitants of the village.

Even the heavy rainfalls that had come down the night before and had destroyed parts of our preparations for the inauguration ceremony could not spoil our anticipation. Numerous helping hands were extended to us during the next morning and the canvas which had been torn down at night were soon set up once more.

They shared the joy of the guests attending the celebration: (from left) humedica employees Hanna Bellmann, Dr Gerhard Gradl and Corinna Blume. Photo: humedica/Tanja Osterried.

Great pride was expressed in the speeches held during the ceremony. It was obvious how important the humedica hospital was to the employees, how they identified themselves with it and how they took over responsibility for the hospital. We also received a high degree of recognition and gratitude for our international aid.

However, it was not only a special day for Kollo and its inhabitants, the hospital and humedica. Also the American city of Enid in the US state of Oklahoma was integrated into the international celebration. Based on the principles of respect and comprehensive mutual support, the cities of Enid and Kollo sealed an international city partnership for an unlimited period.

Highly interested, the guests watched the presentation of the donated solar cooker. Photo: Humedica/Hanna Bellmann

After a tour around the hospital, another surprise awaited our guests. Full of joy and curiosity the inhabitants of Kollo examined the solar cooker that had been put at the hospital's disposal by Alpensolar, a partner association of humedica.

After having passed an important milestone with the inauguration of the in-patient ward, we are now contemplating plans for building a second in-patient wing, a paediatric department and for reaching other ambitions aims. The inauguration of the new in-patient ward has been a first step in the process of implementing these further plans.

The humedica employees in Kollo remember this day with joy and they are pleased about the successful event.

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