An individual case, which should not remain the only one

by Steffen Richter/RBU,  2010/05/03

For people living in conflict areas of our earth, even curable diseases can take on life-threatening forms. Relatively harmless injuries can mean a life full of limitations and hardship. There are many threats to health which could easily be overcome in Germany, but which are an immense additional burden to an already hard life of affected persons in other countries.

If we get to know about such fates, for example in the framework of our project work, we offer help in individual cases, which unfortunately are not isolated cases. Help that offers healing, an easier life and new hope. Help that changes lives.

We helped

Before she was treated in Germany, every movement was painful and difficult for Sadete Rexhepi. Photo: humedica

Today, Sadete Rexhepi is 36 years old. She comes from Kosovo, the part of the former multiethnic state of Yugoslavia which was affected most by the civil war at the beginning of the 1990s. Thousands of innocent people got killed; we remember atrocities against ethnic minorities, unimaginable crimes against humanity.

The case of Sadete was well-known to Cindy and Dave Johnson, the two project coordinators of humedica in Kosovo and of course the American couple was aware of the woman’s difficulties and her strong pain. humedica decided to offer individual case aid and took Sadete to Dr Wolfgang Toepel to the Idar-Obersetein hospital.

What had been diagnosed as spondylolisthesis in Kosovo, was – after careful examination by Dr Toepel –diagnosed as an infection of the intervertebral disks, which caused chronic pain and finally resulted in Sadete being hardly able to move anymore.

Sadete has become a cheerful person,” the doctor who had been working together with humedica for two years wrote in his report. “Without any doubt, there has also been a psychological aspect to her case”. A targeted pain therapy and a physiotherapist treatment took place between the diagnosis in Germany and this good news. This treatment even rendered a previously planned surgery unnecessary.

Her husband Ahmet would not believe me, when I told him today, that his wife was walking, on her own, on her own legs,” said Cindy Johnson a few days ago. Pleasure and surprise got even larger when Sadete returned home, walking on her own, after three weeks of treatment in Germany. If you want to see for yourself the immense joy at Sadete’s return, you can watch this video on our homepage.

The story of Sadete with its long-term happy end is an example of the direct aid we are able to offer only thanks to targeted support. It is difficult to find words for expressing the gratefulness of those persons affected and of their families, but it is these moments in particular, which are our strongest motivation to continuing our individual case aid also in future.

Please support this field of the work of humedica by means of a targeted donation. Thank you very much.
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Sadete returned to her family on her own legs and without assistance. Photo: humedica

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