“Kaufbeuren supports Africa”: Rainy guest performance of the Munich Lions

by SRI,  2010/05/20

It had been planned to become a shining day of charity, which ideally should have taken place under a blue sky. The colourful day in the framework of the campaign “Kaufbeuren supports Africa” definitely was a shining day. However, the atmosphere during the guest performance of the second-ranking club in the German Bundesliga, 1860 Munich, was a little subdued by the cold weather and the pouring rain. Unfortunately, only 700 people had come to the Parkstadion in order to watch the game.

Only few listeners attended the concert of Sternblut which is currently the probably most talented band from Bavaria. Photo: humedica/Steffen Richter

However, those football fans who were present could hardly believe their eyes for the first 30 minutes following the opening whistle of FIFA arbitrator Hermann Albrecht: the amateur players from Kaufbeuren were playing on an equal level to the Munich Lions, despite the difference of four leagues.

Only after 36 minutes were the professional players from Munich able to make the first goal. They succeeded in hitting eight more goals until the end of the game and hence the Lion fans could make their way home pleased with the expected victory.

As a kickoff-event for this colourful charity day in the framework of the campaign “Kaufbeuren supports Africa”, Sternblut, a German newcomer band of this year, had already given a concert. Furthermore, various info stands informed about the projects planned in Africa, which could be realised during the World Cup year 2010 by means of days like this.

humedica also was among the organisations running such info stands at the Parkstadion and it soon became clear that both lovers of music and football fans are not only interested in their idols, but that they also have a heart for people in misery. Together with the partner organisation Mercy Ships Deutschland e.V., which is also based in Kaufbeuren, humedica has been supporting the campaign “Kaufbeuren supports Africa” from the very beginning.

In the World Cup year 2006 in Germany, Dr Igor Wetzel had initiated the donation campaign “Wangen supports Togo”. During various events, the inhabitants of Wangen had been asked to collect donations for children living in the African country of Togo in order to finance necessary surgeries.

This campaign had been a large success and therefore the imminent World Cup 2010 has been seized as an opportunity for the creation of the association “Wir helfen Afrika e.V.” (We support Africa), which has in the meantime launched the following project: 32 German cities have been linked to the 32 teams which will play at the World Cup 2010.

Kickoff of the campaign “Kaufbeuren supports Africa” in October 2009 (from left to right): City Patron Franz “Bulle” Roth, City Coordinator Rudi Schnippe, Lord Mayor Stefan Bosse, Dr Igor Wetzel and City Patron Dieter “Didi” Hegen. Photo: humedica/Steffen Richter

By means of charity events each of the cities is to collect a minimum of 8000 euros of donations, which will be used to finance surgeries for a corresponding number of seriously ill African children.

So far, a total of 32 children will get the opportunity of being operated, some of them on the “MS Africa Mercy”, the hospital ship of the above mentioned organisation Mercy Ships.

Besides humedica, the campaign is supported by the organisation Mercy Ships Deutschland, the Association ZimRelief, the Weltladen Kaufbeuren and the Association “Tanten für Tansania” (Aunts for Tanzania). Furthermore, the grammar school Marien-Gymnasium, the schools Gustav-Leutelt and Volksschule Hirschzell are keeping up contact to partner schools in Benin, which would also receive further donations.

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