In remembrance of Polycarp Onsongo: selfless love, devotion and sorrow

by Steffen Richter,  2010/12/17

Our sorrow after the tragic traffic accident of our Country Director in Sudan, Nyabuga Polycarp Onsongo, in June 2009 could hardly be expressed in words. The committed young man died after a head-on collision with another car immediately at the accident scene in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

We are glad that over the following weeks and up to this date there have been several persons who offered direct help to Polycarp’s widow Agnes and his two sons Leo and Lee.

Of course this help cannot compensate for the loss of a husband and father, but at least the family is provided with everything they need and the children receive a good education.

Polycarp’s sons miss their father day by day: Leo (left) and Lee Onsongo. Photo: humedica/private

For the three of them, every-day life is still full of sorrow. At each birthday, each other holiday and for each decision that has to be taken, the family is missing Polycarp. Also 18 months after his death the situation is still hard to deal with for Agnes (30 years old), Leo (6) and Lee (3).

Sorrow for their husband and father fills every day, and in particular little Lee asks more and more often why he does not have a dad like all the other children. Nevertheless, the brave widow does not yield to her sorrow, but she takes life into her own hands and cares for her two sons with selfless love and devotion.

Furthermore, there have been some changes for the Onsongos: the most important change for the family was moving from Nairobi to Kisumo. Polycarp had already bought a property there and had planned to change their living situation even before his death.

In Kisumo living expenses are lower, and now the family is living closer to a majority of their relatives. The family moved without any difficulties and all three of them are feeling well integrated in their new surroundings.

While six-year old Leo in the meantime likes going to school, Agnes is currently finishing her course in social studies; she is preparing for her last exams just now. The young widow hopes that her studies will pave the way to an employment with the Kenyan authorities which will mean a long-term rise in salary for her small family.

The monthly donations made by friends of humedica are used in a targeted way in order to provide for and educate the two boys, which is a great relief to Agnes, who would like to express her thanks for this special support at this point. After Agnes’ graduation, the Onsongos are furthermore planning to build a small house on the property bought by Polycarp in the next few months.

Of course we will keep you up to date regarding the situation of the family. If you have any questions or need for clarification, please contact Ms Andrea Trautmann (Fon: +49 (0)8341-96614835,; she is responsible for the support of the Onsongo family and will be pleased to assist you.

Thank you very much for your kind support.

May God bless gifts and givers.

Thanks to her love and devotion Agnes Onsongo finds the strength to care for herself and her two sons. Photo: humedica/private

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