humedica individual case aid: three surgeries for a painless future

by Nils Stilke/SRA,  2010/10/26

Although the committed work of humedica in the field of humanitarian aid in the first place aims at helping as many people in misery as possible, we have been supporting particularly tragic cases in the framework of our individual case aid for years.

People living in particularly poor regions of the earth, often have to cope with constrictions in their every-day lives, which are caused by diseases and injuries that could actually be treated and healed easily. humedica has committed itself to enabling many of these persons to live a life without daily pains and hardship.

For example there was 14 year-old Joshua from Pakistan. Joshua and his widowed mother lived together in a small, confined room without windows and in poor circumstances. For financial and health reasons, the mother could eventually no longer take proper care of her son.

When the woman, who was no longer able to cope with the circumstances, asked for help, the German charity organisation for children Compassionate Aid took over a sponsorship for Joshua. Thanks to this sponsorship, the boy's school fees have been covered since then, and he will hence have the opportunity to learn a profession.

Thanks to the surgeries that are carried through in the framework of individual case aid, Joshua will soon be able to live without pain once more. Photo: Nils Stilke

During an accident that happened one year ago, Joshua sustained severe burnings to his abdomen, when his t-shirt caught fire on a candle. Since then, the boy has been suffering from the consequences of his injuries. The skin on his abdomen has been blackened, leathery and scarred ever since the accident and it constantly feels stretched, and itches and pains Joshua.

After being initially treated by a general practitioner, Joshua was referred to a specialist for burns who works in the Pakistani capital Islamabad. In order to treat the boy's physical complaints and to prevent him from developing skin cancer, the leathery skin needs to be removed urgently in three surgical operations, and possibly even a skin transplantation needs to be done.

In cooperation with Compassionate Aid, humedica takes over the costs of the necessary surgeries which will soon relief Joshua from his pain.

Joshua and his family: they are all happy about the support extended to the boy from Pakistan. Photo: Nils Stilke

The date for the first surgery has already been fixed for the middle of December 2010. The two follow-up surgeries are then to be done in intervals of three months each. Joshua is immensely happy about the planned surgeries, since in this way he will no longer suffer the pains caused by his burned skin.

At this point, we would like to pass on Joshua's and his mother's heartfelt thanks to you, dear friends and sponsors. We can enable people such as Joshua to live without the constant pain caused by severe diseases, injuries or handicaps only thanks to your active support.

Therefore we would like to ask you to continue supporting our work in the framework of the humedica individual case aid with your targeted donations. Thank you very much.
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