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by Sven Ramones,  2010/12/21

+++humedica has once more been awarded Germany’s most important donation certificate by DZI +++Hospital Augsburg collects donations for Pakistan+++Wells for Ethiopia+++Charity Party+++Institutional funds for international humedica projects +++

humedica has once more been awarded Germany’s most important donation certificate by DZI

Once again, humedica has been awarded the renowned donation certificate of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) in Berlin.

The donation certificate is awarded to non-profit organisations which undertake to subject themselves to a voluntary audit and to comply with the Institute’s guidelines. The most important audit criteria are true, unambiguous and objective advertisement, such as transparent, economic and statutory use of financial means put at an organisation’s disposal.

Over the past few years humedica already has complied with the requirements of the Berlin-based Institute and has therefore been able to prove a responsible use of donations. The donation certificate of the German Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has continuously developed further and has become an advising institution for donors. Relief organisations such as humedica, which undertake to have their work audited by the DZI, contribute to more effective aid measures.

Hospital Augsburg collects donations for Pakistan

For more than two decades, the Hospital Augsburg has been holding an annual Christmas Bazaar for charity purposes. Usually, the takings of this campaign are divided up and distributed to non-profit institutions. This year, those responsible decided to donate the total takings to humedica. By donating the total sum of 2,200 euros, they would like to support the humedica flood relief projects in Pakistan.

Everyone was pleased about the donation for the flood relief in Pakistan (from left to right): Franz Josef Uhlemayr, Alexander Schmidtke, Hildegard Schwering, humedica employee Sven Ramones, Maren Friedrich. Photo: private

Every year the hospital’s entrance hall is turned into a colourful Christmas Bazaar with various themes. Visitors and patients have the opportunity of browsing through hand-made Christmas decoration and little gifts, as well as enjoying home-made cake, coffee and hot spiced wine. For two days the hospital employees committed themselves to the flood victims in Pakistan by selling these things at the Bazaar stands during the week before the first Advent.

Moved by the pictures of the devastating consequences of the flood disaster, the members and chair of the Staff Council decided to donate the takings of this year’s Bazaar in order to support relief projects in Pakistan. On suggestion of the emergency doctor and Staff Council Dr Renate Demharter the donation has been made to humedica in order to support reconstruction projects and programmes for fighting undernutrition.

On behalf of the flood victims in Pakistan, the humedica team would once more like to thank all the employees who assisted at the Christmas Bazaar and furthermore Hildegard Schwering, Franz Josef Uhlemayr, Dr Renate Demharter and Maren Friedrich of the Staff Council as well as Alexander Schmidtke, Chairman of the hospital, for their energetic support.

Wells for Ethiopia

The project “Year of Water 2010 Kaufbeuren” had the objective of making people aware of the value of the most important element existing on our earth. The project was to enhance awareness and gratitude for the fact that in our part of the world a lack of the elixir of life is no issue at all.

During several events and campaigns, such as photo exhibitions or hiking excursions, the project carried through over the entire year of 2010 was dedicated to the topic of water. At the same time it was important to the organisation team headed by initiator and organiser Doris Wenzel to make people sympathise with and support countries where daily access to clean water is not granted.

Closing event for a year under the banner of water. For up to 2,000 people in Ethiopia the takings of the campaign will ensure access to clean water. Photo: private

By means of the Year of Water 2010 Kaufbeuren Doris Wenzel will therefore support the humedica well project in Ethiopia. At the festive closing event that took place at Kaufbeurer Stadtsaal some time ago, the total sum of collected donations, 1,000 euros, were handed over to humedica for use in this project.

Furthermore Frank Braun of the brewery Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren made another donation to humedica: a sum of 2,000 euros which is also to be used for the well project. Together these donations will ensure access to clean water to up to 2,000 people in Ethiopia.

humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to Doris Wenzel and all those who helped to organise and implement the Year of Water 2010 Kaufbeuren, as well as to Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren for the aid measures which can be taken in Ethiopia thanks to their donations. Furthermore we would like to wish them every success for the already planned follow-up campaigns of the “Year of Water”.

Charity Party

Having fun and doing good at the same time – this could be the motto under which Karin and Rudi Beßler have collected donations for humedica already the second time this year. As the year before, the married couple from Hirschaid bei Bamberg organised a charity party with numerous guests in order to support humedica relief projects.

Rudi and Karin Beßler made it their motto to do good with a lot of fun and to help people in misery. Photo: private

The atmosphere at the party at the Beßler’s was cheerful and exuberant and there was food and drink for everyone. In return for a small donation the guests could enjoy a broad range of food and drink. Takings for food and drink were collected for the evening’s charity purpose.

At this year’s party a total amount of 1,570 euros was collected. Karin and Rudi Beßler intend to donate the total amount to humedica in order to be used in equal parts for flood relief projects in Benin and Pakistan.

We had a great evening and the party was a raving success,” Karin Beßler summarised their event. Together with Karin and Rudi Beßler and all the guests, humedica is pleased about this successful and highly enjoyable event, which supports our humanitarian aid measures. At this point we would like to thank Karin and Rudi Beßler for their commitment, as well as all the donors who joined the party that evening.

Institutional funds for international humedica projects

At the end of the year, humedica has also received active support on part of various institutions. By means of generous financial donations the radio station Evangeliums-Rundfunk ERF, Bild hilft e. V. “A Heart for Children” and the foundation stars4kids – Professional Soccer Players help Children make sure that also in 2011 humedica will be able to dedicate its work to implementing effective relief projects for people in misery.

In order to fight the cholera epidemic in Haiti, Evangeliums-Rundfunk donated 10,000 euros to humedica. In the framework of the humedica missions on the island state, this donation will above all be used with the objective of offering medical aid to cholera patients and for taking prevention measures against the epidemic.

After Bild hilft e.V. „A Heart for Children“ has recently donated 90,000 euros for the humedica flood project in Benin, the association now also supports the humedica reconstruction programme in the former flood regions in the north of Pakistan. A total amount of 200,000 euros will be used for building 300 earthquake and flood resistant basic houses. In this way, families that have lost all their belongings during this year’s flood in Pakistan will be given a new and safe home.

The foundation stars4kids – Professional Soccer Players help Children – also commits itself to a reconstruction project run by humedica. As we have already reported in more detail in a recent article, stars4kids donated 100,000 euros for reconstructing a school in Haiti that had been destroyed during the heavy earthquake at the beginning of the year. By means of this donation humedica can grant access to school education to numerous children in the city of Meyer.

With this article we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those institutions involved. As always, the aid measures humedica can take thanks to the donations given to us, are absolutely priceless also in these cases.

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