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by SRA,  2010/11/17

+++interview with humedica CEO on radio station Bayern 2+++German pop band Sternblut supports humedica Christmas gift campaign+++“Gift from the Heart“ live from Amberg on TV programme Bayerisches Fernsehen+++Charity concert for Pakistan+++

Interview with humedica CEO on radio station Bayern 2

Generally, those invited to the radio programme “Eins zu Eins” run by radio station Bayern 2 are persons with an exceptional biography. It therefore seems very appropriate that humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß now also is among those who have been interviewed.

humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß

The interview will be rendered on Friday, November 19th, at 4.05pm. In his talk to hostess Stephani Heinzeller he does not only tell about humedica and about the most impressive experiences he had gained during his mission, but also about his family from Sri Lanka. Furthermore he gives an answer to the question why it was a typing machine that made humedica a successful organisation.

German pop band Sternblut supports humedica Christmas gift campaign

As we did in the past years, this year too, humedica runs the campaign “Gift from the Heart”. Supported by the foundation Sternstunden e.V. and our media partner Bayerischer Rundfunk, humedica sends Christmas gifts from Kaufbeuren to ten thousands of children from needy families in numerous receiver countries. In this way the little surprise reaches the children just in time for Christmas.

They packed their personal Gift from the Heart at the humedica headquarters (from left to right): Ramona Holzmann, humedica employee Roswitha Gutsche, Deborah Holzmann. Photo: humedica/Joachim Panhans

This year our campaign “Gift from the Heart” is supported by celebrities: Sternblut, an upcoming band from the Allgäu, Germany, contributes to the campaign. The two singers of Sternblut, Deborah and Ramona Holzmann, have already visited the humedica headquarters in order to pack their own personal Christmas gifts for children in need. “It is a great feeling to know that children all over the world will be happy about the gifts,” said Ramona Holzmann.

Also the humedica team is happy and would like to thank Sternblut for their commitment and support regarding the campaign “Gift from the Heart”. We wish them all the best.

“Gift from the Heart“ live from Amberg on TV programme Bayerisches Fernsehen

This year’s “Gift from the Heart”-city is called Amberg and as such it is representative for the humedica Christmas gift campaign. Last week, the “Gift from the Heart” team set out from Kaufbeuren, in order to collect Christmas packages on the market square of Amberg.

The TV broadcaster Bayerisches Fernsehen also was on location and reported about the event live for the evening news. The crowded market square served as background for the report and there were numerous friends and sponsors of the campaign “Gift from the Heart” who handed over their Christmas gifts directly to the humedica employees.

The event was accompanied by the music of Sternblut who performed in the framework of their commitment for „Gift from the Heart“. With their small concert on the market square in front of the town hall, the band put their audience into a good mood.

After this definitely successful and much-praised event, the “Gift from the Heart” team once more left Amberg, which is one of this year’s 860 collection points, taking more than 2000 Christmas gifts back with them to the humedica headquarters.

At this point, special thanks also goes to Claudia Conrath and her team of the Bavarian TV programme Bayern 3 “Frühaufdreher” for their indispensable support for “Gift from the Heart”.

Charity concert for Pakistan

Several months have passed since the flood disaster in Pakistan. The topic has faded from media reports. But nevertheless those whose basis of life has been destroyed to a large extent during the floods will need our help urgently for a long time still.

With the objective of supporting flood relief projects run by humedica, last week a charity concert took place at the church Erlöserkirche in Stuttgart. Renowned artists from the international music scene volunteered to perform for free at the classical concert. Admission also was free; however, the audience was asked to make donations.

Soprano singer Gudrun Ingimars, harpist Sabrina von Lüdinghausen, flutist Thomas von Lüdinghausen and pianist Lars Jönsson performed pieces of Edvard Grieg, Robert and Clara Schumann, Frédéric Chopin, Maurice Ravel and many other famous composers.

They all were pleased about a successful evening (from left to right): Sabrina von Lüdinghausen, Lars Jönsson, Gudrun Ingimars, Thomas von Lüdinghausen, humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß, Rebecca Groß, Prof Bernd Domres. Photo: private

Furthermore, the agenda included a guest presentation by Prof Dr Bernd Domres who has already taken part in several missions for humedica – among others also in Pakistan. Prof Domres informed the audience about the situation in the flood regions and about the work of humedica in Pakistan.

Also the organisation of the evening was initiated by a former mission team member. In the framework of humanitarian aid offered by humedica, Annette Weiberle had taken part in missions in Bangladesh and Haiti. Together with her friend Gudrun Ingimars she had decided to help those in need in Pakistan. The fact that in the end of the evening an enthusiastic audience had donated a total amount of 1272 euros certainly pleased the two women as much as the humedica team.

On behalf of the flood victims in Pakistan we would like to thank all those who took part in the event and all donors for their commitment.

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